Some ideas

  • Shield formation
    Stab behind the Shield
    Spear attack from below in kneeling position
    kill animations for different attacks example stab kick the body off the sword
    prone stance
    drag wounded maybe somekind of medic
    Arrow rains!
    Coop missions
    ladder attack to wall
    combat officers to give some orders

  • Head punch (pop head against enemys head) and
    Enemy falls down down on the ground

    Brutal kill animations when hitting enemy from behind

  • Shield formations are entirely up to player use. I’ve seen a couple of Shield Walls on Stonehill for Protect the King.

    Stabbing from behind the shield sounds unbalanced as you are protected while dealing damage, this should never be the case.

    Attacks are already directional. If you kneel and stab you can certainly aim it up should you wish.

    Kill animations would be terrible in MP circumstances. You’d end up getting locked into an animation while an opponent gets a fee hit on you.

    What point does prone serve? You have no power in an attack. You can’t throw a weapon. You can’t fire a bow.

    This might be interesting, they would have to add another state between low health and death for it to make any sense, though.

    Arrow Rains would be adding something outside of the map for gameplay. Currently the only things you have to worry about are in map. You can’t fight back against the an arrow rain, only block it and pray you brought a shield.

    Co-op sounds like it could be interesting in this game. Needs fleshing out.

    Why not, I can see ladders on some maps.

    Not sure I see the point of officers. Some players will naturally lead, I don’t think giving them some kind of icon will change anything.

    Head butting doesn’t sound very effective when everybody has a helmet. It’s, again, some animation locking that benefits no one.

  • U had good points on your writing!
    Anyways Stab behind shield is for keeping the enemy away and the enemy can always break your protection.

    I was thinking the prone for some surprise situations but perhaps it wont work in this game.

    Shieldformation: Maybe it would be great to have a option to ask people to join to shield formation without using chat. But i realize its up to players.

    Kill animations could work only in sneak kills u had great point in that.

    Arrowrains: That would be just so cool to see maybe some warning would make the players go seek cover. lol

    Maybe some players could carry the ladders…

    medic system sounds little difficult when limbs are ripping but dragging wounded friend or foe :D would be cool

    Head butting is one thing we dont see in games often in this game it would be nice but we do have those helmets.

    Officers and flags could be one game part Capture the flag after killed the officer protecting. +

  • Sneak kill animations might be bad idea when people use third person… but maybe some animations could be in coop missions.

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