Better third person through hud adjustment options.

  • Currently, chivalry has a rather awesome first person perspective, and three rather ~Meh~ third person perspective.

    Two sacrifice half your screen, and the third is extremely iffy due to the fact that the ‘dot’ of the hud is dead center of the screen, where your head is when you are aiming properly at your opponent…
    This causes a large number of people to slash at their opponents feet on accident, as aiming your character at the floor is far more comfy then actually facing them.

    Playing like this isn’t good for you, as legshots are less damaging, and sacrifice valuable shots to kill, as well as annoying for your opponent (Well, everyone really,) as it makes things like ducking not just risky… Its a totally guaranteed head/body chop delivered to oneself, as opposed to a valuable skill.

    This then causes people who SHOULD be using third person (To avoid friendly fire,) to go first person. Causing unnecessary friendly fire…

    This can be avoided.

    I would like to see the option to adjust the dot that your character aims for when in third person mode in the input section. This will cause third person mode to be more comfy and playable then before, which causes people who should be in it to prevent friendly fire to use it, which also helps diversify the combat: Due to the fact that third person players no longer playing out like total dorks with their “I can no longer aim, and will strike at your toes.”

  • I think this might affect game balance too much - it was brought up in another thread of this type that, while third-person allows for greater perception of the area around you, you have to sacrifice some of your combat efficiency. It’s a trade-off, otherwise everyone would be using the 3rd-person.

  • Third person gives better side views at the cost of depth perception already.

    Worse, third person adjustments wouldn’t perfect at all ranges, a vanguards third person mode would fail miserably on a MAA (Or against a MAA.)
    A MAA shouldn’t bother with thirdperson anyhow, due to shorter weapons.

    Third person mode would require you to be more specialized then a first person player, who can do anything well, but it would come at the advantage of being kinder on teammates for vanguards, and bastard sword knights.

    More importantly, Footlookers are annoying, cleaning up the pandemic that is them would do great things for the game as a whole.

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