The community is terrible

  • Was on an official server and there was a guy called CHUCK_NORRIS who had a score of -100 and was teamkilling. Someone started a vote kick but everyone voted no for some reason. Than I got Tked for no reason so I started a vote kick against him. Than someone started a vote kick against me because they were mad that I was better than them and everyone voted yes. I did nothing wrong. The community of this game are no life assholes.

  • Please grab a moderator from the official Chivalry moderator steam group next time.

    Topic locked as no constructive conversation will come from another one of these threads.

  • Every thread I’ve read from you has been negative or spam. Could you do this “terrible” community a favor and stop posting?

    This thread is nothing but qq rage which will incite flaming. Lock it up.

  • /sigh another duplicate thread!

    PM sent, no more please.

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