Playing Chivalry in 3D

  • I recently got 2x BenQ xl2420tx monitors and they are both capable of 3D viewing. I was watching a 3D movie and forgot to turn the 3D Stereoscopy off and started playing Chivalry, the game loaded in 3D so I put on my glasses and voilà! Chiv in 3D, looks good, but don’t know how effective it can be or if it gives any sort of edge in terms of judging distance etc.

  • Its not bad at all, I have the same monitor as you, just the “T” version (simply doesn’t have the inbuilt 3d transmitter, you have to buy it seperately). Good monitor, just needs the brightness turning down a lot since everything looks white otherwise. As yours is probably the same as mine, give me another PM if you want to know my color settings that I’ve used to get things looking nice.

    I have 3d and it’s worked pretty well and looks nice. To be honest though I often forget to switch 3d mode on and use it, and the Nvidia 3d Vision 2 glasses dig into my head a bit after a few hours of play which puts me off.

    I used it quite a bit in the Alpha though and Chiv looked quite good, the Objective Markers were still 2d and made me go crosseyed though heh, unsure if they’ve fixed that yet or not.

    Will give it another go in 3d maybe the next time I play.

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