Unable to join LAN server (nat loopback problem)

  • Hi there !

    Here is my configuration :

    I’m a Server connected to a switch (which IP is and my own post is linked to this switch ( On this server, I’ve plenty of thing like an SQL Server a HL2:DM server, and other stuff.

    This switch is plugged into a box (given by my Internet Provider, so can’t change it), and it doesn’t support NAT loopback. So technically, I can’t ping my machine with public IP.
    Currently I’ve a no-ip domain (here nayru.no-ip.org), and if you connect, you can see an IIS8 interface.

    To solve NAT loopback problem, I added a line on “hosts” file, to indicate that nayru.no-ip.org is With http protocol, no problem, with SQL Server, no problem, with everything, no problem, except for Chivalry.

    My server is protected by a password, and is on port 27035. My friend can see and join without any problems, but I can’t. And because of password, I can’t connect from Steam.
    So, If I want to join, I need to disable password, which things I wouldn’t do.

    All port needed are routed to my server, and the whole range from 27000 to 27050 is routed with both UDP and TCP to include all games on this server.

    So my stupid question is : “Why the fuck it doesn’t work ?”.

    I hope you will add a menu to join a server from its IP:port with a password, because I payed this game, and my friends can play but I can’t.

    Thank you to anybody which will help me resolve this problem. (I don’t consider VPN as a solution since I have important stuff on this server).

    Glorryyyyy to Agathaaaaaa !!!

    PS : sorry for mistakes, I’ve been up today for now 15h, and my day will last 4h more

  • I found a solution on my own, stupid but it works : use 7777 port instead of 27035 … Stupid because it’s steam port, but it works for me !

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