A few questions from a new server operator

  • Hi. I’ve never run an unreal engine game server, but I’ve run source servers, and I had a few questions.

    1. Is there some way to either lock (password) servers on the fly, or use some sort of reserved slot systems? I don’t like kicking people to make room for friends. In source engine games, what I’d do if my server was full is that I’d go in maybe 20 minutes before we planned to play and then lock the server. That way no one who was currently playing was kicked, but as people gradually left the server naturally, their slots wouldn’t get filled back up again, so by the time we were ready to play we’d have a few open slots for us. Seemed like a pretty painless solution.

    But I can’t find a way in Chivalry to lock a server except to implement a GamePass in the main config file. Is there some sort of admin/remote console command I can use to accomplish this? Alternatively, is there any way to use a reserved slot system?

    1. Where are the settings to control specific objectives/goals/timers in specific modes? For instance, I want to reduce the rounds to win in LTS to 5, and increase the free for all timer to 15 minutes. I did find an FFA section in the main game ini, but it says timer=20, not 10, and I changed it without any effect, so that’s not it.

    2. When I issue an “adminkickban [user]” command, it actually brings up a kickvote for that player, instead of instantly kicking them. What am I doing wrong? How do you just flat out kick troublemakers?

    3. Is there some trick to the maplist? You just have a bunch of Maplist=whatevermap in the main ini, right? I re-ordered the maplist in my ini file, and then restarted the server, but the changes didn’t seem to go into effect. I may have to test this again, but just in case, is there anything I’m missing?

    4. Is there any way to limit certain classes?

    5. Can you change all in game parameters based on using the “admin” command for rcon? For instance, when I find the timelimit variable, can I change that from the admin rcon, or is the rcon limited to a specific set of commands and you have to edit ini/reboot to change anything else? Is there a comprehensive list of commands somewhere?

    6. Is there some sort of map voting system? How do you implement it?

    7. Are there any kind of web based stats for this game like HLStatsX?

    8. Anything else I should know to improve my server?


  • You will be disappointed with the available admin commands.

    1.)As of now there is no way to reserve slots or kick remotely. To lock the server you must change the .ini and reset.

    ! [Engine.AccessControl]
    ! IPPolicies=ACCEPT;*
    ! bAuthenticateClients=True
    ! bAuthenticateServer=False
    ! bAuthenticateListenHost=True
    ! MaxAuthRetryCount=8
    ! AuthRetryDelay=8
    ! AdminPassword=Password
    ! GamePassword=Password <––If this is there, server is locked.
    ! IPPolicies=DENY,

    2.)I’ve only been able to change very little details, and only to the LTS game type:

    ! PCServer-UDKGame.ini
    ! [AOC.AOCLTS]
    ! bOverrideNumRounds=True
    ! RoundsToWinOverride=5
    ! MaxRoundsOverride=10

    3.) You must log into admin first: adminlogin password. Also it might be helpful to play around with the ban duration and vote %'s.

    ! bEnableVoteKick=true
    ! bEnableVoteChangeMap=true
    ! bEnableVoteResetMap=true
    ! bOnlyAdminsCanInitiateVotes=false
    ! bOnlyAdminsCanVote=false
    ! bOnlyTeammatesCanVoteKick=false
    ! bOnlyTeammatesAbstainsCountAgainstMinimum=false
    ! fVoteMinAmountNonAbstainers=0.100000
    ! fVoteSuccessThreshold=0.550000
    ! fVoteDurationSeconds=15.000000
    ! fVoteTallyUpdates=2.000000
    ! fVoteEnactDelaySeconds=10.000000
    ! fVoteTimeBetweenVoteKicksAgainstSamePlayer=30.000000
    ! fVoteTimeBetweenVotesFromOnePlayer=300.000000
    ! fVoteKickBanDurationSeconds=3600.000000

    4.) No trick to the maplist, it’s pretty straight forward and goes in order by default, ensure no typos or it will crash the server on load. Make sure you saved the .ini and restart the server.

    5.) Not practically, no. There are, but I don’t believe anyone’s figured out a stable way yet. It involves editing more than just the udkgame.ini.

    6.) I’m new to rcon…not sure. But hopefully this satisfies your command list question (at this point it’s just trial and error to see if anything else works.) Look at RoyalGamer’s post: http://www.chivalrythegame.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=72&t=3139&start=40

    7.)No map voting option that i’m aware of, other than votechangemap, which is covered in the spoiler above.

    8.)No web based stats, I wish.

    9.)If this is a public, dedicated server; Thanks for hosting the game for the rest of us. if not, just have fun:)

    -Park Ranger Jeff

  • 1. No/No
    2. C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\chivalry_ded_server\UDKGame\Config \PCServer-UDKGame.ini

    Check just beneath the big list of maps, and you should find [AOC.AOCFFA], [AOC.AOCTD], [AOC.AOCLTS]. I haven’t had much luck with changing many of these values.

    3. You have to login as admin first. The commands would be in the following order:
    adminlogin xxpasswordxx
    adminkickban xxxx (partial names are ok)
    confirm ## (number next to player you want to kick/ban)

    This means you have to include AdminPassword=xxpasswordxx in the PCServer-UDKGame.ini file under [Engine.AccessControl]

    4. For each map you don’t want to use, put a semi-colon in-front of in the .ini file. I have not changed the order myself, but I believe you would have to order them as:
    and keep the 0, 1, 2, 3 as the order you wish the maps to cycle rather than simply reorder them in the list and shuffle the numbers.

    5. There are way of disabling certain classes, but that’s advanced server hosting. Much more stuff to edit and configure than I’d like to list here.

    6. No/Search the forums for current admin commands.

    7. There is a “vote map change” I believe in-game, but not like other games where you can vote on 1 of 3 for the next map upon completion. Just manual votes, or you can push it with a command.

    8. No
    9. Admin it regularly, and make trusted friends who can admin it as well to keep it respectable.

  • If there are override settings for stuff like this


    Surely there must be override settings for other game modes. Is there some way to get a comprehensive list?

    Like, how do I change time limits for FFA, or the number of seconds you need to hold the center for KOTH? Timelimit= doesn’t actually seem to do anything.

  • I’ve recently found a way to mod the TeamDeath resource count:

    ! I had to add it in myself though
    ! [AOC.AOCTD]
    ! bOverrideInitialResources=True
    ! InitialResourcesOverride=60

    I was led to believe that the time limits are completely fixed and unmodable as of right now.
    It’s just trial and error, but the devs did just posted this:
    Hopefully this post will answer many questions for many people…we will see

  • 4. The maplist is changed, but the changes are not reflected when you use the maplist command because that maplist is hardcoded. So don’t worry about that. If you changed it in the .ini then it is changed.

  • They posted the override values for the old game mode in another thread, which is nice, but they failed to post them for duel mode. Anyone know how to reduce the number of rounds to win in duel mode?

  • @SenorBeef:

    They posted the override values for the old game mode in another thread, which is nice, but they failed to post them for duel mode. Anyone know how to reduce the number of rounds to win in duel mode?

    Ya, I’m really happy to see normal game mode mods now but now we’re all wondering about Duel mode/CTF Limits. I think this should be the next server admin improvement. Also, this more on the suggestion side but if there was a way to initiate a challenge in duel mode for 2v2 or 3v3, we’d have half the dedicated servers duel only:) Would be great…

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