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  • Hi noob to the game here, have about 25 hours played and have some questions for you.

    i took a break from the game and since i came back i had a harder time seeing enemies at long distance? I don’t remember getting sniped so much without even knowing/being able to see where i am shot from… i run on max settings with just bloom and blur turned off and 110 fov, is there some visibility tweaks i can make to brighten the game? a lot of the time i find it hard to see because of fog/maps being naturally dark.

    I play archer a lot with the warbow and wanted to ask about playstyle, when i played before what i read from everyone asking for tips is you should stick with your team and keep at mid range from the enemies front lines is this still the right way to play? the problem i have with it is i’m so weak to the enemies archers and they seem to always shoot past their front lines and go for me, even if they are attacking? i try to just line of sight them and focus on helping our teams melee i have no idea what would help the team more.

    I couldn’t see any option to alter the sensitivity once you have an arrow primed? if there isn’t i think that’s bad, you almost waste a shot checking those footsteps behind you just to find out it’s a team mate, and even if it were a full health vanguard having the ability to spin around quickly and hit him shouldn’t be too strong, before you switch to your melee weapon may have killed you or at least hit you once… just feels like the game pushes you more towards camping with archers with how some of the spots are on the map and the fact you’re punished so hard for misjudging the distance an enemy can close in on you from.

    Sorry for wall of text i will figure it out anyway main thing i want is to be able to see better at a distance, thanks to anyone who can help!

  • bump, no one can help a newbie?

  • Well, I’m pretty new to this game as well but I’ve played plenty of FPS games, and the archer could be classified as the sniper class in other games. Snipers usually have priority #1 to kill other snipers. If none are visible, then take out normal units.

    I think it is pretty much the same in this game. Take out the enemy archers and, if successful, then shoot any other enemy in range.

  • I usually play mid range, if the archers on the other side are playing long range, then I usually focus on the the Melee fights, since everyone is on the move long range shots tend to be more luck than anything else.

    Just keep on the move, and try not to hit your team mates.

    Though the last part can be harder than it sounds, I have had plenty of people jump infront of an arrow or two. Unless I have a clear line of sight i tend not to shoot right away, be look to see how the players are moving, most favor one direction or another, which can help you predict or lead the shot.

  • I’m not really sure what you’re asking. There’s no right way to play, but the wrong way to play archer is to sit way in the back and try to snipe people with lob shots. If you want to focus on killing the enemy’s melee guys, I recommend Longbow with Bodkin in a skirmisher/mid-range role, depending how you like to do it.

    Hold Shift as you draw an arrow to move quicker, fire, then turn around, draw another arrow and hold shift again/zig zag a bit, then jump and spin around (jumping keeps your forward momentum while allowing you to turn yourself around) and fire again. That’s how I kite anyway, but if you’re confident in your ability you can just hold S and fire off shots, then hold your draw until they’re right up to you and start swinging, then nail them in the face. An arrow interrupts a swing even after the windup phase, so even if they’re not dead you have time to draw your secondary.

    Keeping mobile like that will help keep you from getting picked off by enemy archers, but if you’re having trouble with them, just use Warbow and Broadheads and take them out yourself. Your primary role should be counter-archer anyway. Fire when they have an arrow drawn, because movement is slower, and when you’re reloading, always hold shift as you draw, but also look straight down at the ground. This will act as a duck while keeping your full speed (as opposed to holding Ctrl) and can help avoid chest and headshots.

    Another cute tactic if you’re good at timing things is to just stand perfectly still while another archer aims at you, then simply turn to the side and sprint a step when you figure they’re going to fire. You should be familiar with drawtimes from your time playing archer and most people fire pretty soon after the draw is completed to keep their rate of fire up. This is obviously more risky, but you can always combine it with the aforementioned ducking tactic and, if they’re now shooting lower to compensate, you can hop over their arrows with that same “I figure he’s about to shoot” timing.

    You can use shortbow to harass as well, very mobile and high rate of fire, but don’t expect to be anything but a kill finisher and flincher. Like I said though, arrows flinch people regardless of animation state, so you can save teammates in a tense situation with a well-placed arrow. Definitely not common though, since shortbow is just lacking in power and can’t effectively fight enemy archers.

  • There is a nice archer guide in the Steam guides section, and it’s not too long. I think even just reading it will help you out.

  • We have a guide too in our own Tutorials section :)


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