How do I mod the music?

  • I have created some medieval themed music that I would like to use in-game (title menu, in battles etc.). At the moment it is in MP3 format.

    Does anyone know how to mod the music into the game i.e. replace the music files with my own?

  • You’ll have to wait for the official mod tools to be released. Everybody is real excited to get the tools, I’m sure. I know I am. I want to do a sound mod, myself. The reason we have to wait is because at the moment people can only extract files from the upk’s but not recompile them, as there is no compatible too to do so. Since the content update has been released it should hopefully not be too long of a wait.

  • It’s not perfect, but I found out tonight that if you pull up YouTube in Steam’s browser, you can still hear it in-game. I played FFA with this music:
    And it made everything much more epic.

  • I thought they added a jukebox, but alas, I could find it nowhere.

    For now, just use the music player of your choice (iTunes, WinAmp, Fubar2000) and hotkeys; with the in-game music off.

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