Any advice on this problem?

  • So I bought Chivalry yesterday and installed it. But when I try to play the game this happens:
    I can launch the game without any problems,
    I can see the servers and join them, but as soon as its finished loading and I pick my class and weapons I get to play around 10 seconds before all the other players freeze in position and locked animation.
    When this happens the game automatically returns me to the main menu after a few seconds without any error. This keeps happening and I have not been able to play without problems on any servers yet.

    I have already checked the game’s intregrity and tried playing with my firewall disabled.

    I hope some1 can help me out.
    Thanks in advance.

  • Please tell me about your specifications PC. I have too some problems, i dont see trebuchet when they are destroying, i dont see audience. That’s probably happening via my old graphic card (GeForce 9600 GSO 380mb). Check your drivers are ok, and try to find this problem at forums, maybe someone have this same problem.

    Sorry for my english!

  • Try typing ‘reconnect’ in the in-game console (defaults to tilde key).

  • Solved by deleting the game entirely and then downloading it again.
    Works like a charm now, thanks anyway.

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