Is hitting the block key during windup the same as feint?

  • If you’re winding up for an attack, and you hit your block key, it stops the attack and takes up a fair amount of stamina. It doesn’t actually block, it just resets your attack - you need to tap the block key again at that point to actually block.

    As far as I can tell, this is the same thing that happens when using the feint key. They seem to me to take the same amount of stamina. If I can use the block key to feint, I can free up a mouse button for something more useful. Is there some penalty or difference that I’m not seeing?

  • Yes it is the same, the RMB has parry/block and cancel attack binded onto it by default, you can change that. To free up a mouse key you would need to bind everything onto “Q” the current feint key (by default).

  • There are two separate binds for feint - by default, Q feints any attack including ranged weapons, and RMB feints melee attacks and zooms for ranged weapons. You can also bind multiple keys to one function, or one key to several functions.

    For example I have both middle mouse button and mouse scroll down bound to block, and mouse scroll down bound to feint - so if I want to feint out of an attack and block immediately I can just scroll down twice. Middle mouse button I use to hold shields up since scroll down doesn’t work for that.

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