Sun Night Open Scrim, KILA vs The World, Bashathon

  • Every SUN NIGHT
    8pm CST
    Kila Thunderdome server

    We will be running scrims every Sun night at 8pm cst on our server. It will be a first come first serve, scrim night. Everyone is invited till the server is filled. Prefer no pings higher than 175. Kila vs everyone else or a mash up scrim depending on participation. Server will be password protected at 8:30pm CST. Captains and teams will be chosen via a dual. Standard scrim rules apply except 50/50 rule unless otherwise stipulated. Play map twice, to the victor goes the spoils. We will then open up the server for further matches depending on participation. Please pay attention and follow in game instructions for expediency and efficiency of match set up.

    This weeks went really well, played aoc_siege. Mixed mash up, Thanks to everyone that came and played. It was such a blast we are going to do this every week. Ideally I would love for this to be Kila vs The World but we will see how it goes.

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