Option to change in-game localization

  • If i’m not mistaken IP-based in-game localization was added to the game today, or at least enabled.
    I would very much like an option or a console command to revert it to english. I talk and write english anyway when i play the game, since it’s usually the lowest common denominator for communication in european online gaming (the french being the obvious excpetion ;-P). I usually enjoy games/series/movies of english-speaking origin much more in their original form, since translated voice-overs and text have a very noticeable tendency to be awful, killing nuances (admittedly not so much of a problem here ;) ) and confusing or diluting common concepts among the audience. Also, no offence, but your german is terrible. :D
    I realize not everyone speaks english, but please, give people a choice.
    Long story short, if there is a console command to redeem me, someone please tell me. :)

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