[TED] The Empyrean Divine - Recruiting!

  • http://empyreandivine.com

    *150 Slot Mumble
    *Custom Ranked Server 32 Man
    *Casual Players
    *18+ Players Only
    *Beer Drinkers, Hard Chargers, Camraderie
    *Adult Attitude, Adult Humor, Good Fun
    Ego’s left at the door

    About the Empyrean Divine

    The Divine are a collective community of gamers that share a common passion for massively multiplayer online roleplaying games. The truly unique enjoyment of MMO’s stem from experiences in playing with other players. Each experience can be different for everyone, and so in most cases a guild with interests and compatibility is often sought for.

    The Empyrean Divine seek to provide an environment that is balanced, fun, and a safe haven for all it’s members. The community retains a zero tolerance against discrimination to race, gender, sexual orientation or any type of trait subject to discrimination. In ensuring that the players needs are met, and a solid foundation for guild rules, the Divine guarantee to bring together like minded players to develop new friendships and forge new bonds.

    Our Mission Statement

    We are a mature guild that seeks to strengthen the community of our games, as well as the fans by providing a great medium for expression, lore, and gaming environment. The Empyrean Divine seek to share experiences with like minded individuals. The success of the guild is bolstered by it’s Creed. Honor, Loyalty, Faith. Honoring our members and families by giving them the respect, patience and honesty that they deserve. Loyalty in members by remaining 100% committed to the well being of the guild and it’s family. Faith in seeking patience and positivity in one another. This means lending a hand to our members, and offering support when needed. With our creed we hope to host a highly evolved, committed and stable community for folks around the world to share an amazing experience in our games together.


    The Empyrean Divine is a casual guild that approaches games with a mature and responsible attitude. Most of us have families and real life responsibilities, but seek the company of like minded folk, thus we look towards casual players that may play together on the weekends or evenings after things have calmed down.

    Age Bracket

    The Empyrean Divine hold a minimum age requirement of 18 years old. Most of our members are between 25-35 years old.

    Chivalry: Medieval Warfare

    We host our own public ranked server, you can view the details here.

    (hosted by BlueFangSolutions)
    The Empyrean Divine | Ranked [32] Mixed
    IP address:
    Port: 7774

    Thank you all very much for your consideration, hope to see you on the battlefield!

  • Please come visit our server sometime! Feel free to check us out! Thanks.

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