Toggle sprint bug

  • I already reported this one months ago but it is still neither in the bug list nor fixed. So here I go again…:

    Toggle sprint is bugged. You are still flagged as sprinting if you use toggle sprint and stop by letting go of w (or whatever your move forward button is).

    You sprint. You stop by letting go of w. The game now still considers you as sprinting even though you are not moving at all. This is SUPER ANNOYING for multiple reasons as you:

    -cannot throw torches/shoot bow/throw axes
    -can perform a vanguard charge attack from the standing position
    -cannot use dodge as MaA (can’t tell you how much this made me rage already, and this is the biggest issue imho
    -do not regenerate health/stamina

    The game no longer considers you as sprinting if you press toggle sprint again or move backwards/strafe.

    And please this time take notice of this post or this is the last bug report I’m going to write.

    edit: while I am at it, please make sprint cancelable by duck (so you can duck under a swing with loosing time) and dodge (same). I know these are no bugs…but the game would be better and much more fluid with these changes

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