Currently I rent a server

  • I don’t want to bash or seem like a complainer but the host I am currently with is not providing a stable server for my needs.

    Can anyone recommend a provider for a 24 man server with good support and NO lag spikes every ten minutes.

    New York , Chicago ,Dallas is fine for locations options


  • I rent from bluefangsolutions and host 2 servers in los angeles (although i know they have more throughout the states) and it runs flawlessly. Great ping, inexpensive, amazing almost instant customer support (the tech even dueled me after server setup) and great interface controls. They even put one of my servers in beta for me…great people all around.

    EDIT: oh, and if you tell them i sent you, I’ll answer any questions you have about server config and whatnot (if you’re new to hosting)

  • Have a look here viewtopic.php?f=72&t=3967 All CMW Servers are 50% off.

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