Hacker in Official Lts server #09

  • Someone’s been hacking on the server above, not a hack to give advantage. At least i don’t think so. But the person has been taking use of other peoples names and spamming the N-word about 5 times a second in chat. the server is absolute chaos right now. As far as i can tell, about 6 different people’s names were all used. Didnt know where to put this, but hope it helps in some way.

  • Please look at the Steam Group (link in my sig) and PM one of us mods if we’re on to report hackers. Either that or have some evidence ready and Steam ID, or there’s not much we can do.

    Locking this as we can’t support people reporting hacks in the public forum, please do it by PM for now to one of us mods. Hoping to get a private forum section set up for this at some point, please bear with us while we check the required software addons are compatible. :)

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