Kicked/Banned from Official TO #13

  • I was votekicked from the server for reasons unknown to me. I had chat turned off (as I previously discovered was possible a few games ago) so I never saw what anyone was saying. I’m a rank 30 or something and have about 100 hours logged. I’ve been playing for the past month or so and I’m not the best player, but without sounding as conceited as possible I know I’m pretty good.

    Anyways, I joined Masons and played as a Knight with a sword of war and proceeded to do extremely well. We were getting mildly pushed but I figured we had it in the bag. The petard was about 80% of the way to the wall when we had 3 minutes left, and I was something like 32-3. It really irks me that someone could have gotten so mad so as to votekick me from the server simply because I was doing well.

    So someone voted to kick me. I didn’t see who because I had chat turned off, and I didn’t enable it in time to see what they were saying. I didn’t honestly think they’d kick me off, but a 61% majority saw me out. I thought, “Big deal, I’ll just reconnect and then finish owning them.” NOPE! Server browser says I’m on the banned list.

    There has been a severe abusing of the votekick system on an Official Team Objective server. I wouldn’t care if I hadn’t been put on a banlist. I was not aware of the banning thing, but I figured it’s just so that people don’t reconnect instantly. However, I really did nothing wrong. How long do these bans last? A day? If so, I realize it’s not that long but I didn’t do anything to deserve a ban.

    I read somewhere that mods are in charge of the official servers? It wasn’t privately owned, so I figured I’d take it up here on the forums. Can anyone at least provide some insight about the apparently new automated bans? Sorry for the rambling, but thanks for any help.

  • Hi there, abuse of votekicking is a known problem, as you’ll see with a lot of the threads.

    Torn Banner are aware and have addressed this by having % of Team Damage, and Idle Time listed in the Vote Kick prompt, and allowing Admins to cancel votekicks. This will be included in the next patch which is currently in the final beta stage.

    If anyone’s constantly abusing it and you can’t votekick them, any of us forum mods have Admin power on Official servers so call us (through the Steam group in my sig) and we can sort that out.

    As to the banning, this is only for 5 minutes when you’re vote kicked, so try again and you should be able to get back on. :)

  • Ah thank you very very much for the quick response. I appreciate you taking the time to answer my query, and I am aware of the teamdamage and idle time notifiers as in the beta build currently. I will join the steam group in the meantime and continue fighting the good fight.

    Thanks again friend.

  • So, if you don’t mind me asking, how do you disable the chat window?

  • So, if you don’t mind me asking, how do you disable the chat window?

    Main Menu - Configuration - Input - set “Disable Chat” as “true” (option is at the bottom of the screen).

  • What is your average ping when connected to the official servers?

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