Lag and sudden teleportation

  • Hi,

    since last week, I have massive lagging issue. The game is lagging for absolutely no reason at random moment. The worst thing is the teleportation bug. I fight an opponent and then for no reason, I am teleported 1 meter away from him. This also happen when I move.

  • Same here! FPS like a snail.
    btw: BF3 runs perfect on high res on my i7 machine.
    The new update is a mess…

  • This is an issue that is happening for some of us. See topic Weird Lag on All Servers.
    For me, this started since the free week-end.

  • Oh yes, the server lag started with the free weekend. But after the update everything seems to be killing FPS on many machines…

  • i teleport at lot, know exactly what you mean. Ill be running and all of a sudden i’m dead or off a cliff. Sometims it even puts me in advantageous positions too like behind someone or i just get missed by their swing. Not good… not good. I reinstlaled the game, and this kept it away for a while, but eventually started up again. And this doesn’t happen all the time, not on any specific servers, my ping and FPS are perfect.

  • Yeah same here- I’ll be running at someone, then suddenly my face is in a wall and their sword is in my back.

    High FPS, low ping, low server ping. It completely removes any ability to play the game properly and should be made a super-high priority bug fix. I know it hasn’t been, because it’s been happing for months and months.

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