Fun times dying

  • Hello,

    Thought I would bring up a thing i noticed in this game that i haven’t seen in any other games: Its never frustrating to die. Sometimes i even burst out laughing when I’m reloading my crossbow and when i stand up a knight surprises me with his two-hander and cleaves me in two.
    I have noticed that in some games I become really frustrated dying alot in a row but never in this game and i found that truly awesome! :D

    (sorry if my english is bad, i dont write alot, even less in english)

  • Hahaha, i know that feeling XD this game also makes me kind of a psychopath since i’m laughing my ass off because i just crushed somebody’s skull in with a maul :P Except when i know i could’ve easily prevented my death, then i get a little angry sometimes

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