Chivalry Arena Footage

  • Just a spectator-recorded game, first contribution to Chivalry videos and uploading in general, so more of a test of quality/uploading time etc. Yes there’s a giant watermark over it, not sure if I’m buying Dxtory before I get a feel for what it can do, so feedback is greatly appreciated. Sorry for it though.

    Let me know how it plays for you and what you’d change about my camerawork. Any of you more veteran uploaders (Nick…), maybe you can shed some light on why it looks so crappy. Youtube rejected the original .avi file so I just cut the clip down to under 15 minutes and made it an .mkv instead, all the solutions youtube proposed didn’t help, such as renaming it, disabling anti-virus and adblocker, going into private browsing… Would be nice to use the original file as it’s much higher quality and the current one looks pretty damn bad, but that’s what tests are for!

  • Just a quick update, uploaded a different version. For anyone who saw the quality of the first one, check out the new link and tell me how that one looks =] First post updated too since the other video is just shite to lookl at.

  • It says the video is not available. Is it just me?

  • Failed to process. I give up! Dxtory is not for me xD

    If anyone reads this, however, it does work perfectly with Xsplit to do streaming, but that’s not worth 45$ imo.

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