I have a question about the billhook.

  • If you thrust above a guy shielding himself with a tower shield and then adjust your aim down a bit would the billhook hit the back of his head and do some damage as it is being retracted?

  • I don’t think so. Unless the tracers are that well placed and the billhook doesn’t stop dead if the shaft hits the shield, it might be possible.

  • I doubt that this game is that advanced (no offence guys (Probibly not easy to make it do that) but good imagination.

  • I wouldn’t be surprised if we saw unique weapon quirks like this down the line. After all, they left the Flail out of the game because they wanted it to be as awesome and accurate a depiction of a flail as possible, so maybe once they have the time and resources to focus on cool stuff like that, other weapons can be modified in ways like what you’re describing for the billhook.

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