NO servers found…

  • I have the server problem and i did everything that i was suppose to do in this link:

    I deleted the file, i downloaded it and i tried the beta and still no servers…
    My computer work pretty fine and i also checked all my starting and running programs.

    Please help me, I bought it a week ago and been playing non-stop!
    But now i can’t and its very sad.

    Thank you in advance

  • This is a repost of a reply I wrote here: viewtopic.php?f=69&t=3900 . I haven’t gotten a reply yet and I’m getting frustrated, I have tried every fix, have reinstalled the game, have shut off firewalls and malware blockers (which we shouldn’t have to do anyway…) no luck. Computer was purchased not more than 6 months ago, have no problem running any other game.

    Please help or give me my money back. Here is my log again. Thanks.

  • Ok, like the name says…

    I reinstalled again just to try and it worked. Am now getting owned. problem solved…?

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