Persistent server filter settings

  • Saving the filter settings of the server browser and hiding the filters by default were introduced as features in one of the first patches, but while that can be handy for some, i think it created more problems than it solves. There is a ridiculuous number of cases of - let’s say inexperienced - players with the “i can’t see any servers” issue who for some reason managed to change their game speed filter setting and don’t think to bring up the filter menu to check what they are actually searching for. I tried quite a few things to change that setting accidentally, tabbing through controls and clicking the area where the filter arrows would be when it’s hidden but i never managed to change the game speed accidentally. Yet somehow people manage to do it without realizing. And sadly it’s more than a few. While this looks like a rather stupid error on their part the whole situation wouldn’t have gotten so bad if initial filter settings would just be reverted to a “safe” default on opening the browser first after starting the game. It’s easy to play Cpt. Hindsight here, and probably my point isn’t entirely new. Wanted to mention this anyway, since the whole situation is so bizarre.

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