I need help

  • Hi my name is Birdo so far I have enjoyed this game very much. I play this game to help stay in touch with my brother who lives a good 2 days drive away from me and so far we’ve had a lot of fun together.
    However I have never wanted to punch a game harder than this one. I am not a technical person I am looking for a GM of this game or someone high up to talk to.
    My problems:
    1. I can’t find servers half the time, they just don’t appear and it makes me want to throw my cat at my computer
    2. Im trying to play with my brother but the join game button when you shift tab in steam doesn’t work, it comes up with some bullshit server_message error

    These 2 things drive me nuts, I just want to play with my brother and I can’t because its impossible for me to join his server or a server.

    Im a busy person just like anyone else and I doubt ill be able to check this forum, so if I could be contacted through my e-mail for help that would be much appreciated.
    -Birdo a guy that just wants to hang with his bro.

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