Rank - A Dynamic System

  • I would like to see the Rank score as a Dynamic system. One that can move up or down depending on your level of skill compared to everyone else.

    For instance, how often you die to people higher/lower then your rank and how often you kill them. What portion of the damage done to you (or you to them) was done from those higher/lower ranked players. Also mix in the the Score you get in a match, weighted by how much you outrank, or are outranked by the other team.

    For example:

    If you do 100% damage to a person who’s rank is higher then yours a sub-rank score is given. This sub-rank is further moved up/down based on your current match score and how much your team outranks or underanks the other team.
    Once the sub-rank score reaches a threshold, a new rank is given (up or down).

    So if you consistently kill people of higher rank then yourself, whilst being on the disadvantaged team and doing well with the map objective (TO/FFA/whatever) you will quickly shoot up in ranks. On the other hand, if you are constantly beaten by those of lower rank, whilst being on the ‘easy’ team your rank will suffer.

    This would encourage good players to balance out the teams in team games, so as to maximize their Rank score and protect against it dropping. Using the match score also encourages good players to contribute to the objective instead of going for easy kills.

    I think this system would be far better then the current system which is partially a system of how long you have played tempered by your killing efficiency.

    I want to be able to see a players level 45 score and know they are a better player then myself at Level 40. I want to be killed by a level 30 player and know they should be and will quickly be a higher level then myself.
    I don’t want to be embarrassed that my Rank 40 is more a measure of time played then anything else.

    I believe a system similar to the above would add a much greater depth and meaning to the Rank score.

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  • I was thinking the same thing. K/D ratio. Rankings and the whole 9 yards would be great. The ranking system now just shows how long uve played. Eventually everyone will be max level regaurdless of skill.

    Kudos to u sir.

  • No, thank you. Ranking system is fine as is. Losing ranks would be annoying, especially since it’s difficult to survive even as a good player in some servers because of the amount of people that just swarm any enemy they see.

    Also, to the guy above me with the K/D ratio thing, a lot of people have asked for it, and even more people have said no, it would just be an obsessive thing. A win/loss ratio would be much better.

  • K/D shoudn’t be used as the basis for Rank. It should be more about how you compare to others who play.

    In reality my Rank 40 means nothing really. Just a measure of time played, sped up a little by killing opponents. Kinda of a useless stat.

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