The Immortal Kings

  • The Immortal Kings Clan will of course also expand to Chivalry: Medieval Warfare

    Clanleader at this juncture: The Wraith Of Despair

    Age of Chivalry section leaders at this juncture: Baptised In Blood, -Virus-, Kaiser Krambambuli


    IK^Clan Website

    The Immortal Kings are one of the oldest and mightiest of the Age of Chivalry clans, it was founded in the first part of 2008, and after its fall in summer 2009, it had been refounded in 2009 by The Wraith Of Despair, all anew. It has mantained the same skill of the old legends, with an added discipline and élitism, and recently even a training academy worthy the title of Army of The Immortal Kings (The Immortal Academy as a whole). Although its history may be old and vague to the new generations, words alone prove little. What proof do we have? How can we say that we are a mountain ever watching upon the land, amidst heavy winds, storms and snows?
    It is a simple fact: WE are here, in 2012, large, strong and fighting, while most of the others lie burried in frost, either bound for an eternal slumber or awaiting Chivalry. While all others have fallen, we stand true.


    The Immortal Academy accepts any newcomer, kicks out the imbecilles, and turns even the weakest paesant into a mighty warrior, access to the Immortal Kings is restricted to the best and fiercest, the cream of the crop of the army. Fear naught, for the warriors of the academy |I.A|^ are accepted at IK^ trainings and wars, and in Chivalry Medieval Warfare, we will need such an army.
    Grab your weapon, shine your armour, bow to the kings and join them in the conquest of Agathia, Death Before Dishonour!

    The Immortal Kings history:

    The Immortal Kings were founded around August 2008 as the first czech clan in Age of Chivalry, but soon it began an international clan, as skilled fighters sought to join and start the legend. In March 2009 Wraith was taken as the only IK heavy knight, and we remember the 4 old leaders: Brot, Chicken, Dombi and Master of Puppets. For the following months things had gone pretty well, IK was faring better than most clans in the first Clan League, although it was poorly organized and permitted the wicked to win. With summer came inactivity, and even in autumn, the kings wouldn’t return; the clan fell silent for some months. In april 2010, Wraith was asked by another IK veteran to rebuild the clan to its former strength, and their work brought fruits and The Immortal Kings started anew, with Wraith becomming the natural choice for leadership.

    In those initial months many members who now are not anymore joined, and most important ones who still are with us are Baptised in Blood and Virus, and since then many troubles did the Kings have, including treachery, espionage, drama and simple yet dangerous idiocy, and so one day The Kings decided not to hunt down the élite and veteran players populating the lands of Chivalry, but to found a training ground, The Immortal Academy, so as to recruit many aspiring swordsmen, select the few strong, brave, skilled and intelligent ones, and one day turn them into majestic and loyal Immortal Kings; until then, they shall be the backbone of our army.

    Always keep to heart these words:

    Thy Blood For Thine Kingdom

    Thy Sword For Thine Kings

    Thy Loyalty For Thine Immortality

    Death Before Dishonour!

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