What's the purpose of arrow types?

  • As the title asks I’m wondering what the purpose of having two different arrows for bow archers is. Whenever I play archer and I use the bow and it comes to picking an arrow type it always feels like I’m making a bad decision because it feels like I’m sacrificing damage by picking one arrow over the other instead of gaining a boost. It isn’t a good feeling to have especially when javelin and x-bow users don’t have to deal with this kind of decision and only have to worry about the stats of their primary weapon.

    Picking arrow types doesn’t feel like an interesting choice due to the way their stats are set up. If the choices were between an arrow that was weaker but had less fall-off compared to a stronger arrow with less range or something else like that then it would feel like the arrows were more unique and interesting rather than picking arrows that do less damage to archers and MaAs or arrows that do less to VGs and Knights.

  • Broadhead arrows are for dealing with other archers, bodkin are for if the other classes are giving you more trouble (both do the same damage to MAA if I recall correctly.)

    Don’t bother with broadhead on the shortbow 99% of the time.

  • The arrow choice is pretty easy if you consider the following (even easier if you use the Warbow)

    1. What is the make-up of the opposing team.

    • If they have many knights/vanguard then use bodkin
    • If you intend on killing archers, take broadheads. Broadies with Warbow one shots other archers, this is very, very useful.
    • I find if I’m using a Shortbow I get best results overall with Bodkins, however with Warbow I always take Broadheads, 1 shotting other archers is just too good to ignore.

    You should really only use the Shortbow (For speed and close quarter archery) or Warbow(For damage). The Longbow is just a gimped Warbow.

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