[ingame bug] Vanguard Charge attack "queued" ?

  • Hi,

    I looked through the Bug Reports category and it doesn’t seem to be a thread for this bug, please excuse me if I missed it.

    Here is the bug:

    • As a Vanguard, sprint to prepare the Charge attack

    • just before* your sprint stance change to “Charge-ready”, launch a normal attack
      (* I need to test that a little more, when I’ll be back home, see the short time window during which it can trigger)

    • then, either:
      a) Do nothing
      b) Try to launch a second normal attack
      c) Combo-queue another normal attack
      (nb: I’ll test that tonight)

    The Vanguard will correctly make the normal attack, then, after 1-1.5 seconds (not immediately after finishing the normal attack), will make the Charge attack.

    It is:

    1. Unbalanced: Vanguards can use the Charge attack after making a normal attack and no longer sprinting.
    2. Not really credible (= bad for immersion): the Charge attack is coming out of nowhere.
    3. Frustrating: the player not aware of this bug, or not trying to exploit it, will end up being very vulnerable during, and after, the unexpected Charge attack.

    I’ll add more informations (and maybe a Youtube footage, if I get around doing a proper recording) later.

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