New game mode (Infiltration)

  • Fighting in big battles and sieges is extremely fun and addicting, but it is too primitive and un-original.
    I would love to see some more game modes, instead of the usual siege battles and deathmatches.

    This idea is something that came to my mind when playing various stealth games.
    It’s something original to the medieval age, atleast i haven’t seen any other yet.

    In this game mode there will be two teams, team A and team B.
    Team A will be the defenders of the castle wheres team B will be the “Infiltrators”
    The castle will have backdoors and windows where team B can sneak in and out of.
    There will be multiple ways of getting to the castle area.
    Trees, ladders, ropes and other tricks will get Team B inside the castle area.
    The objective of Team B could be a couple of things (Examples, only one per match), assassinate a lord, kidnap a princess/prins, steal from the treasury and sabotage.
    These were some objectives that came to mind.
    Team A will defend the castle and it’s surrounding area.
    Team A will spawn inside the guard room which is a safe area and cannot be infiltrated by team B (Team B has no keys to the room).
    Then team A will grab the weapons that they need inside the rooms (armor, weapons, items).
    Team A will be able to get on castle walls and go through closed doors without having to break the lock or lock pick the doors (unlike Team B).
    Team A will have a limited respawn(two or three), wheres team B will only have one respawn.
    Team A should be able to lock doors and windows/interact with the useable objects.
    Team A will choose from shield&sword, sword, 2handed sword (not too powerful) and crossbow, (No bow, only team B should be able to use bows, with limited arrows).
    To belance these things, team A will be slower then team B (not too slow), team B will have no armor (only hooded cloth), team A will have good frontal defence and attack but almost no back defence.
    Team B will have daggers and bow as primary (maybe knives as secondary).
    Team B items will be: Rope (for climbing on tall objects), lock-pick (for normal doors only, not steel doors like the guards room), rope traps (like hanging a rope from a tree so the guards would fly up if he/she stands on it).
    Team B will have abilities that Team A won’t have: Agile(Faster and higher jumps), sneaky (Can’t hear footsteps as loud as guards).
    Assassinations from behind (one button press), stun moves (only affect 5 reconds max, to flee and hide when health is below 30%).
    Team A will have ablities that team B won’t have: capture Team B members for information (an area of the Team B members’s location, not excactly but a bigger radius will be shown).
    fatalities, just for fun.
    shield bash (throws team B members backwards with a 3 seconds stun max).
    patching up yourself with bandage(only one).
    Revive critically wounded team members at the guards room.

    The maps should maneuverable enough but not too big or too small.
    Something like a castle town should fun, the infiltrators could run on buildings and jump from one to another.
    Cave keep should be also fun, climbing through the cave, little holes or even from an opening on the outside of the cave.
    forest keep, allot of trees to jump from, good cover.
    Fortress, the guards would have the advantage here, good defence, not allot of entries, tight space.
    Cliff side castle, Both the infiltrators and the guards will have a balanced map, infiltrators could blimb the cliff to get to the backside of the castle, guards have good defence at castle walls because of it’s height, not too much space for infiltrators to move outside of the castle, the surroundings are only grass and a few tree (3 or 4), so the guards with crossboes can easely kill infiltrators that are moving on front of the castle.
    This game mode is made for 18 people max, or else it would be too chaotic.
    the map size should be medium/mediumlarge.
    customization is not neccesary for this game mode, the guards will have same outfits as eachother and the infiltrators would have same outfits as well (Guards have armor with emblem, infiltrators have hooded clothing).
    There will not be name labels on top of others’s heads (only friendlies).
    guards should be able to carry wounded team mates and patch them up at the guards room.
    Infiltrators should be able to do the same to their friends except they can do it everywhere they want to (this is limited to two times max).

    I would love to read replies and talk about progressing this gamemode and making more imports. :P
    Sorry if post was too long, i wanted to put it will enough details :D

  • That sounds like a good idea for a mod.

  • wow really nice idea, congratz for your creativity man, hopefully slygoat,Tibberius or any other alpha tester or game devs will see it

  • Me seeing it or commenting on it doesn’t really mean anything :D

    I have to agree with what akarnir said, though. This sounds more like a mod idea than something that would mesh with the base game.

  • @SlyGoat:

    Me seeing it or commenting on it doesn’t really mean anything :D

    I have to agree with what akarnir said, though. This sounds more like a mod idea than something that would mesh with the base game.

    Aw, don’t be like that. We all love you Slygoat.

  • Well there is a lot to love about me.

  • It sounds good, but i guess after some matches on every map you pretty much know all the entry points to a castle and the infiltrating team would have it extreemly hard to get in?!

  • @akarnir:

    That sounds like a good idea for a mod.

    yep nice idea.
    It would be a nice mod for a clanwar :D

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