Content Update 1 Released!

  • Developer

    Massive Content Update Arrives!

    You stand alone in middle of a frigid and blood-soaked battlefield, riddled with corpses so thick that the snow itself is painted red. In your hand lies a Flail, a weapon made for only one purpose. The destruction of all those who oppose you. As a veteran of battle you know the landscapes and arsenal well, but now you must conquer new regions and master unique weapons and tactics. For any man can kill another in the chaos of battle, but the glory of victory in single combat is unmatched. Will yours be a name remembered for all time? Or will you die, bested by another who has mastered the sword. This is Medieval Warfare, and this is a massive update:

    13 New Maps

    • Citadel
    • Frigid
    • Argon’s Wall
    • And 10 new duel arenas
      5 New Weapons
    • Sling
    • Quarterstaff
    • Polehammer
    • Flail
    • Heavy Flail
      2 New Game Modes
    • Duel Mode (For intense 1v1 Action)
    • Capture the Flag
      Alternate Swings
    • Can now do left to right swings!
      Improved Server Browser
      Blood Decals now paint to the ground when you hit an enemy
      Can now adjust how long Corpses stay on the battlefield
      Much Stronger Hack and Cheat Protection
      Music Jukebox in options menu for listening to full Chivalry soundtrack ingame
      Greatly Improved Spectator mode
      Balance adjustments
      Bug fixes
      General Polish

    For free. Want to see it all in action? Here is a video showcasing of the new patch:


    For the mammoth sized full patch notes check the link:

    ! CU1 RC2 (r7953)
    ! - Shaft sound and elevator kill volume fix
    ! - Duel post screen change loadout actually works.
    ! - Fix issue with enabling mouse in scoreboard breaking chat.
    ! - Fix mix-up between Join Pool button and pool status.
    ! - Show challenge accepted in Duel Main.
    ! - Fix issue where new duel rounds wouldn’t start and would cause duels to not end.
    ! - Notification in client about duel mode waiting to finish.
    ! - ~Hopefully~ fixed an issue with loadout button from post-screen.
    ! - ~Hopefully~ fixed an issue where stats wouldn’t load up properly for duel.
    ! - Fixed an issue where pawn go kersplat isn’t working.
    ! - Fixed issue with sling totally borkings.
    ! - Merged in a change for inaccurate player counts
    ! - CTF end indication fixes
    ! - get rid of the “the none team has won!” thing. Probably. I dunno.
    ! - fix: Can’t join a team after spectating
    ! - fix: mini peasants in SH
    ! - added extra error checks and guards into Duel
    ! - potential multi-person-duel fixes
    ! - flail physics asset reverted (to Beta 3 state)
    ! Balance changes c/o Martin:
    ! - Heavy Flail attack3 damage decreased from 40 to 35.
    ! - Billhook combo windup times decreased from 0.8 to 0.7.
    ! - Heavy Flail attack1 windup increased from 0.55 to 0.6.
    ! - Heavy Flail attack2 windup increased from 0.55 to 0.6.
    ! - Heavy Flail attack1 release increased from 0.55 to 0.6.
    ! - Heavy Flail attack2 release increased from 0.55 to 0.6.
    ! - Heavy Flail attack1 recovery increased from 0.65 to 0.7.
    ! - Heavy Flail attack2 recovery increased from 0.65 to 0.7.
    ! - Heavy Flail combo windup times increased from 0.65 to 0.7.
    ! - Poleaxe attack1 windup increased from 0.45 to 0.5.
    ! - Poleaxe attack2 windup increased from 0.5 to 0.6.
    ! CU1 RC1 (r7917)
    ! - Wall renamed to Argon’s Wall (AOC***-ArgonsWall_P)
    ! - Sound notification for slave working
    ! - Flinch in Feint
    ! - Fixed issues with global wins / loss stats for duel.
    ! - Global Wins / Losses set in PRI and sent to all players.
    ! - Fixed exploit where any class would be able to sprint attack.
    ! - Fixed bug where you have to double click to accept duel.
    ! - Fixed bug where returning to duel main menu there is no option to accept/challenge player until selecting a player.
    ! - Victory Post-Screen uses new fancy header images.
    ! - Use new special-dazed animations.
    ! - Removed stone mesh for sling.
    ! - Crossbow first person and weapon animations have more string recoil
    ! - Updated “Create Game” menu with all the new levels and gamemodes + missing map-images for them.
    ! - Fixed a server crash relating to dynamic arrays
    ! - Flinch times set to be the proper time [shorter]
    ! - Changes to Duel UI
    ! – Removed minor white edges on Looser banner
    ! – Made the buttons quicker overall
    ! – Made the buttons states more clearer in color.
    ! – Changed X button in a button with states!
    ! - Flags in Wall changed to have physics
    ! - Silenced hammering sound cue
    ! - Citadel Changes
    ! – Cleaned up throne room bits. Added a wall to prevent people jumping into the mason spawn in the throne room.
    ! – Masons no longer able to damage palisade wall
    ! – Ballistas rotate faster
    ! – Fixed stairs at the citadel entrance.
    ! – Broke parts of the siege factory roof
    ! – Fixed up collision for the broken bridge
    ! – Commander VO added.
    ! – Added 1 second re-trigger delay on walls taking damage because the ballista is silly.
    ! - Rank Up Notification + Sound.
    ! - Weapon Unlock Sound.
    ! - Fixed an issue where the primary ranged weapon wouldn’t get its projectile type refreshed on load.
    ! - CTF Dynamic VO hooked in properly.
    ! - Fixed bug where you can slow sprint by tapping forward movement key.
    ! - Fixed issue where projectile impact sounds wouldn’t sound properly.
    ! - Fixed issue where projectiles would somehow sound gore sounds because it was hitting itself in a trace.
    ! - Fixed issue where all stickies were turned off.
    ! - Arrows knocking off helmets should actually work now if not on low detail mode.
    ! - Update Player List after hitting Challenge button so you see effects immediately.
    ! - Hitting world with melee weapon should be heard by errbody.
    ! - Flail animations all physics.
    ! - Fixed bug where ranged weapon would switch to secondary upon spawn.
    ! - Fixed bug where you could use mandatory shield weapons w/o shield (1.5, javs, flail) by going to secondary, toggling shield, and going back to primary.
    ! - Fixed a weird first-person animation bug where, if you de-equip your shield, will play a shield equip down animation every time you go to eqiup your other weapon.
    ! - added lock impact sounds to cage padlocks
    ! - sling bullet impact sound polish
    ! - added all clear to archer vo
    ! - stop votechangemap to AOCTUT
    ! - decap changes:
    ! – head explodes don’t happen if a player isn’t decapped
    ! – if the local player kills someone, or hits a corpse, switch to decap regardless of distance or settings
    ! – on low detail, only switch to decap if local player is killing someone or hitting a corpse
    ! - CTF assault capture zone tweaks.
    ! - Added bases to flag stand.
    ! - Fixed Z fighting on shipyard.
    ! - Fixed water collision on Shipyard.
    ! - Fixed Z fighting in Watergate behind waterfalls.
    ! - Fixed exploit regarding setting class.
    ! - Fix AI not attacking in tutorial.
    ! - Fix bug in duel mode where main chat would get borked.
    ! - Fixed issue where game speed filter would default to < 90% for whatever reason.
    ! - Fixed issue where ragdoll and decal slider defaulted to 0.
    ! - Argons Wall
    ! – Changed fog and lightning.
    ! – Added a “suar” feel to the sidegates to give em a reason for being there.
    ! – Added torches to the broken stairs to give em a better feeling of where the paths up are.
    ! – Added a suprise for players “A rat that runs from one of the corridors to the other” just for fun!
    ! - Fixed issues with custom backend
    ! - Fixed exploit with forcing take damage
    ! - Admin logins show in chat.
    ! - Fixed exploit with setting weapons.
    ! - Fixed exploit with spawning projectile
    ! - Put player winner on duel and ffa end screen.
    ! - Fix issue with setting player 2’s health in current matches on duel main.
    ! - ~Possibly~ fixed an issue where players couldn’t see anyone else unless they were spectating/dead or other player was friend on team
    ! - Flag no longer blocks actor
    ! - Flag Carrier no longer auto-balance
    ! - Give 30 second warning for duel
    ! - Fix issue where duel would disappear from current matches after first round.
    ! - Allow all duels to finish before ending duel.
    ! - Fix issue where alt-attacking out of parry would break you.
    ! - Fix flinch timing.
    ! - Frigid
    ! – Server Particle Fix
    ! - Hillside
    ! – 45 second to capture fire
    ! – 10 shots to take down ships
    ! - Fixed issue that played 1P animations at the wrong rate.
    ! - Fix dodges breaking out of states where player is supposed to be frozen
    ! - Fix a possible issue with double hitting
    ! - Feint Stamina Cost Reduced from 20 to 15
    ! - More/Changed CTF chat notifications
    ! - Added 5 second delay before shield drains stamina on shield up idle
    ! - Spawn King immediately
    ! - Fix issue with super-man dodges
    ! - Added flag sounds to flag swings
    ! - Regain 30 stamina on special dazed [when blocking out of stamina]
    ! - Special dazed when kicked out of shield block.
    ! - Added flinch in flinch
    ! - Duel stat rank fixed
    ! - Fix issue with veteran helmets not being able to be selected
    ! - Fixed pictures for the flail buckler [Knight]
    ! - New HUD Death fonts added.
    ! - CTF marker colors change (flag different from triangle/fist on away icons)
    ! - CTF markers at 75% alpha
    ! - CTF return text is correct
    ! - reimported HUD with new font
    ! - fix CTF markers behind player showing as being in the wrong direction
    ! - spectator buttons are their own binds
    ! - Mason King weapons set to Messer, Maul, Morning Star
    ! - Fixed bug where people leaving in middle of a duel would leave the duel marked as active.
    ! - Fixed issue where choosing select loadout in post duel menu would not work properly.
    ! - Getting special dazed when being kicked with shield up and you are out of stamina, you will gain 30 stamina.
    ! - Fixed sword of war 1h parry dazed tpose.
    ! - Balance
    ! – Feint stamina cost decreased from 20 to 15.
    ! – HWS attack1 damage decreased from 60 to 55.
    ! – HWS attack3 damage decreased from 58 to 45.
    ! – Flail attack1 damage decreased from 65 to 55.
    ! – Flail attack2 decreased from 72 to 65.
    ! – Heavy Flail attack1 damage decreased from 70 to 65.
    ! – Heavy Flail attack2 damage decreased from 75 to 70.
    ! – Heavy Flail attack3 damage increased from 35 to 40.
    ! – Polehammer attack3 damage decreased from 75 to 65.
    ! – Halberd attack3 windup increased from 0.65 to 0.75.
    ! – Halberd attack3 release decreased from 0.5 to 0.4.
    ! – Bardiche attack3 windup increased from 0.55 to 0.65.
    ! – Bardiche attack3 release decreased from 0.55 to 0.5.
    ! – Billhook attack3 release decreased from 0.5 to 0.4.
    ! – Flail and Heavy Flail timings equalised.
    ! – Greatsword tostab combos increased from 0.6 to 0.75 (bugfix).
    ! – Claymore slash01tostab combo decreased from 0.675 to 0.65 (bugfix).
    ! – Zweihander slash021toslash02 combo increased from 0.8 to 0.825 (bugfix).
    ! – Zweihander stabtoslash02 combo increased from 0.8 to 0.825 (bugfix).
    ! – Poleaxe attack3 release increased from 0.35 to 0.45.
    ! – Polehammer attack1 windup increased from 0.55 to 0.625.
    ! – Polehammer attack2 windup increased from 0.6 to 0.675.
    ! – Quarterstaff attack1 windup decreased from 0.45 to 0.425.
    ! – Sling Lead ammo decreased from 40 to 20.
    ! CU1 Beta 3 (r7787)
    ! - fix some duel mode issues
    ! - many Citadel art improvments
    ! - many Citadel layout improvments, collision fixes
    ! - Citadel objective points setup
    ! - water volumes in Cistern, Shipyard, Bridge
    ! - Wall Guard removed from dining hall
    ! - Stoneshill collision pass, landscape tweaks
    ! - signs in FrostPeak, Shipyard
    ! - Brand new Duel UI
    ! - removed TakeDamage debug message
    ! - moved flag in Frigid CTF
    ! - fixed spawns in Duel-Arena, Duel-Arena_Flat, and Duel-Throneroom
    ! - Pole Hammer changed from 40/blunt;58/pierce;50/pierce… to 70/blunt;75/blunt;75/pierce…
    ! - Added pickaxes, hammers to Citadel slaves
    ! - Remove Current Matches in duel after some time
    ! - Trap tweaks in Frigid. Rock no longer a blueberry.
    ! - Hadrian’s Wall renamed to Wall
    ! - Wall TD variant added
    ! - Wall: Moved spawns for LTS to lower level of spawnhouses and added ways to get to spawn.
    ! - Flail animations, physics improved; slash/overhead windup from 0.5s to 0.45s
    ! - Wall sounded
    ! - Spectator follow improvements
    ! - Frigid collision fixes, optimization
    ! - Frigid: Cleared up some trees around rock formations for better visibility
    ! - Frigid: Replaced Tree “ramps” with bare trees to aid visibility climbing them.
    ! - New Spawns in CTF Ruins
    ! - Falling screams fixed/reenabled
    ! - Unless only two players in the pool, it will wait for another duel to complete rather than matching you with the person you just fought again
    ! - quieter birds in bridge
    ! - frigid: fixed silent boulder impacts with players on 1/4 rocks
    ! - frigid: louder winter winds
    ! - added impact sound for falling death in tower
    ! - bridge: splash sound for falling into water in bridge by touch volume
    ! - fixed duel mode kill feed spam
    ! - fell to death impact sound volume for dining hall
    ! - Lava does more damage.
    ! - Shaft: Fixed problem with elevator bottom that didnt kill you!
    ! - (audio) turned mysteriously wooden slave pens and citadel to wood via overrides where posible
    ! - Citadel: added dyn obj vo to mason archer
    ! - Get Out of duel menu with tab.
    ! - Pawn go kersplat.
    ! - Citadel: many collision issues in first area fixed
    ! - CTF flags return on touch
    ! - sling projectiles don’t enter different duels
    ! - added AdminCancelVote command
    ! - fixed issue where HUD may break if you try to go into duel menu when dueling from escape menu.
    ! - Fixed issue where going to HUD mode from post-game screen would ignore your input.
    ! - fixed issues where vote kick stats stay up in other vote modes
    ! - updated sling ammo type damage, lead has 40 ammo more damage / less range, pebble has less damage but is faster
    ! - Slowed morning star windup, slash01 0.45 slash02 0.5
    ! - changed waraxe stab damage type to pierce
    ! - changed all weapons’ feint cost to 20
    ! - speed up fork windup overhead to 0.55 and stab to 0.5
    ! - reduced MAA pierce resist to 0.85
    ! - added battlecry animation for sling
    ! - new/missing knight vo work
    ! - wall: set dressing, wall materials made grittier
    ! - fix issue with weapons and quivers showing on peasants in Stoneshill
    ! - missed collision added to one citwall mesh. Minor tracktweak.
    ! - Ice mat made icier and added vp mask to water reflection (alpha channel).
    ! - Crappy lightpass on frigid, didn’t really do much. Also painted landscape around the edges of the ice to be snow to blend better.
    ! - Bridge/Dininghall/elsewhere: fixed broken materials
    ! - Sling and Flail icons in HUD work properly
    ! - obj com vo added to citadel
    ! - fix for “when entering a siege weapon with weapon in Release, weapon sticks in Release on client, but plays normally on server” (Sling may still exhibit bug)
    ! - Citadel: Added new tower spire/rose window.
    ! - After going back to HUD from post-menu, go into spectate.
    ! - Fix alt slash/overhead combo breaking pawn.
    ! - Pebble/Lead Ball will spawn static mesh of themselves when they hit something instead of sticking.
    ! - Buckler and Heater parry negation equalized.
    ! - Can tap-to-fire for sling.
    ! - Hooked sling physics asset in.
    ! - ThumbButton2 and ThumbButton swapped for the alt attacks.
    ! - Citadel: bushes added to the first area
    ! - Fix Duel World Cleanup crash
    ! - When HUD requests input, it flushes input & zeros movement vars so player doesn’t keep moving.
    ! - go into Spectating as soon as you’re Ready, instead of sitting is pseudo-spectating PlayerWaiting (which lacks spectator follow)
    ! - duel meta sounds: start, victory, loss
    ! - fixed blood decal blocking player vision
    ! - Citadel: added mining sounds to quarry area; reduced attenuation distance of screaming chaos in door smashing zone to cleanup earlier areas
    ! - Wall: Made space around Siege weapons wider.
    ! - Citadel: peasants in cage above lava now whimper, cry and beg
    ! - disabling attacking out of shield; when you do so, the attack will queue, the shield will lower, then you attack
    ! - corrected mismatched 2H sword 1P/3P animations
    ! - can now flinch out of Recovery, Feint states (if the flinch will take longer than the currently-playing animation)
    ! - no longer get stuck on catapult in Wall
    ! - Arena: Gate fix.
    ! - New (English) weapon descriptions
    ! - fixed weapons not striking dead pawns
    ! - Fixed auto-balance forcing people to always switch to a random class.
    ! - Cannot parry out of dazed
    ! - Fixed issue with alt attacks on parry counter
    ! - Fixed special daze calls when you parry out of stamina.
    ! - Citadel throne is in
    ! - King objective timing changed
    ! - new CTF markers
    ! - added flag battlecry animation
    ! - Add new special dazed animations.
    ! - Assault (reverse CTF; carry flag from your base to the enemy’s base) variants of Frigid, Moor, and Ruins CTF
    ! CU1 Beta 2 (r7581)
    ! - New weapons: pole hammer, flail, heavy flail, sling, quarterstaff
    ! - New duel maps: ThroneRoom, Shaft, Arena_Flat, Arena
    ! - New map: “Hadrian’s Wall” (LTS; working title)
    ! - New map variants: Moor CTF
    ! - Shored up the votekick logic. If the target logs out, forcibly end vote and add a tempban
    ! - Added burning oil return to ready sound.
    ! - Fixed ballista arrow cam
    ! - CTF: fix issue where a capping player who is in PHYS_Falling would not lose the flag after the cap, allowing an immediate double-cap
    ! - polished xbow sounds
    ! - added missing mason vanguard obj4 dynamic vo in dark forest
    ! - knight ice footsteps
    ! - sound work on frostpeak, shipyard and cistern: phys mat overrides set on all unset materials; added ice footstep sounds for all classes
    ! - added boiling oil sound
    ! - added ashy footsteps to citadel
    ! - fixed broken mat types in stoneshill TO only, fixed some channels for vo
    ! - (audio) fixes to unset phys mat types
    ! - basic ambiance for frigid
    ! - basic sound setup for mines
    ! - reverb volume work in the citadel
    ! - sound work on polehammer and ctf flag pole impacts
    ! - added pickaxe idle animation for slaves
    ! - found setting for peasant pain voices, switched from bad room sound, too beefy vanguard pain to the more fitting/better recored archer pain
    ! - fixed torch impacts with players to produce blunt impacts plus wood impact and ignite sounds
    ! - Blood decals added
    ! - Added options to change blood decal length and ragdoll length
    ! - Fixed issue where scoreboard wouldn’t work when going from duel to another game mode.
    ! - Readded duel finalization delay, so duels don’t finalize immediately as the last blow hits
    ! - Added per-team class limits
    ! - Made kick better for varying heights.
    ! - Fixed issue with javelin alt overhead attack breaking it.
    ! - Shield parry damage is now Damage / Negate
    ! - Shield stamina drain now different per shield and begins immediately
    ! - ‘Special’ dazed state added that gets activated when you parry when out of stamina or have shield up and kicked (Difference : ‘Special’ dazed state is 1.2 seconds long).
    ! - Special damage modifier for headshots for crossbows (2.0x)
    ! - 2 smoke pots to start.
    ! - Better LTS draw avoidance (team with more players at the end wins).
    ! - Crouching does not pause stamina regen (it increases to 1.6 stamina per second).
    ! - Fixed Citadel dynamic VO for 2/3 objective.
    ! - Scoreboard says server name instead of IP.
    ! - Random loadout for weapon select screen.
    ! - Citadel: new objectives
    ! - Citadel: cage objective in
    ! - TD: autobalance doesn’t engage when either team is out of resources
    ! - Optimization: don’t switch to gore mesh past a certain distance from player (tighter for medium and low detail modes)
    ! - added server option for Max Ping (set bUseMaxPingLimit=true under [AOC.AOCGame] in PCServer-UDKGame.ini, and set fMaxPing, iPingThresholdHitBeforeKick, and iSecondsToKickForPingLimit)
    ! - deleting keybinds better (solves some weird issues)
    ! - citadel: new spawns for citadel steps
    ! - citadel: new objective text
    ! - POLISH TO CITADEL lava and ambient sounds
    ! - fixed ruin cicadas that previously werent playing
    ! - Fixed issue where duels weren’t being finalized.
    ! - Persistent map music now acts as a random-music-playing jukebox
    ! - Projectiles knock helemt off (aside from on low detail mode).
    ! - Map Name is displayed without prefix and _P postfix on join game menu.
    ! - added missing fatigue swing grunts to agatha archer
    ! - Tower: collision fixes
    ! - DiningHall: layout fixes
    ! - Bridge: vary rock textures, break up flat lines
    ! - Added extra ammo option for crossbow.
    ! - Ballista bolt has splash damage.
    ! - Fixed: Burning Oil cauldrons need a sound event to cue the player as to when they are ready to be poured again.
    ! - display Team Damage and Idle Time when vote kicking
    ! - fix IK leg issues on grate mesh in AOCDuel-Cistern
    ! - Gave TempkickBan reasons that get displayed on the frontend (this is used for ping limit kicks + rank kicks).
    ! - Added rank limits to server options and server browser. (set bUseRankLimits=true under [AOC.AOCGame] in PCServer-UDKGame.ini; also set iMinRank and iMaxRank in the same section)
    ! - Separated game mode and map name on server browser.
    ! - Made the upper-limit on IK legs lower (50 to 30) (stop weird crouching look when walking over certain objects)
    ! - Fixed bug where duel would be finalized multiple times
    ! - Fixed issue where command (attack) would not be fired on server.
    ! - Fixed: Throwing axe not spinning the right way when thrown.
    ! - Fixed WaterVolume water footsteps not being registered.
    ! - Citadel: # of slaves cut down; cages added
    ! - adjust boiling sounds radii
    ! - fixed quiet waterfall in RUINS
    ! - tweaked falling sound attenuation, volume and delay
    ! - Boiling oil tip sound added.
    ! - spectator is more reliable, doesn’t toss people into PlayerWaiting when the round starts if they chose to spectate before the start; should also resolve any other issues
    ! - Spectator follow now includes zoom, uses correct GUI elements
    ! - In spectator free cam, players directly in front and within a certain distance will have their names displayed
    ! - Spectators (not those temporarily spectating, such as dead players) can spectate players on both teams
    ! - Made green messages from broadcast and objective completion a bit brighter. [lighter?]
    ! - Chat List now wraps properly and doesn’t cut off randomly \o/
    ! - Removed (PRI) and (SYS) indicators and made the text light gray (it looks more whitish though) and made blue and red lighter.
    ! - slaves all animated. front steps all arted. easier to free slaves.
    ! - You can parry out of deflect but not out of dazed.
    ! - You can pick ammo from where player died.
    ! - Join game menu has a timer to count down when the refresh is over.
    ! - Ballista and catapult turn sounds replicate properly.
    ! - Frigid: ammo boxes for CTF/TD, trap tweaks, screen shake on rolling rocks
    ! - Frigid: Raised water underneath the frozen river, made frozen river “thicker” with new vertex pain, added billboard trees into the background to help with FPS, fixed missing collision on boat ramp, fixed bad collision near ammo box
    ! - Frigid: CTF spawn area protection
    ! - lava now has burning player sounds
    ! - menu sound volume brought up to level of rest of music
    ! - omni radii’s set to footsteps and combat locomotion to fix wierd left/right channel offsets
    ! - water sounds for all projectiles
    ! - fix yellow glow on right and/or bottom sides of the screen in certain resolutions with bloom enabled (most noticeable in windowed mode)
    ! - fix: CTF needs to only allow caps when the flag is at home
    ! - don’t allow spectating someone else’s duel if you’re in the middle of a duel
    ! - fixing various other duel issues
    ! - Tab goes into duel mode menu.
    ! - duel: 10 wins to win, each round is 2.5 minutes
    ! - Once you accept a duel, you decline all incoming challenges [and the challenger declines all incoming challenges too].
    ! - Ensure players can’t enter multiple simultaneous duels
    ! - duel spectator should control like spectator in other modes
    ! - Add shadows under more HUD text
    ! - Reduce progress bar background opacity to 10%
    ! - Alternate attacks for spear slash.
    ! - Initial text for duel mode UI changed
    ! - experimental speed hack detection (disabled by default)
    ! - made objective completion times state the amount of time since the beginning of the game
    ! - if pawn collision gets stuck in another pawn, set a timer to snap out of resulting ragdoll after 0.4 seconds
    ! - Mason King uses KS helmet.
    ! - citadel: high drama sound treatment for citadel area
    ! - Manually do alt attacks with keybinds [0, 9]
    ! - Citadel Dyn Objective VO hooked in for all objectives.
    ! - citadel: chain break sound
    ! - longer pickaxe animation
    ! - citadel and peasant work for sound
    ! - citadel jump exploit blocks
    ! - citadel spawn protection for first wall
    ! - battering ram: cannot kick off players
    ! - if a player challenges a player who has challenged that player, auto-accept the duel (e.g. if both click Rematch, or click Challenge at the same time before the server can update them)
    ! - frigid: new trap animations; snowall mesh
    ! - frigid: Fixed some bugs on the traps. Open angled roof on the overlook outpost on the bridge. Snow Piles to smooth out the center. Spawn protection tweaks.
    ! - frigid: Extended the flowing river mesh. Added broken ice to the upper end of the frozen river. Raised flowing water. Improved per poly collision issues.
    ! - tower: Added blocking vols to slide the player away from the stairs when kicked out of windows, Changed Kill Z and added kill volume for falling death.
    ! - frigid: audio for traps! louder ambiance! play lts with bots for max LOLs
    ! - updated fist shove damage type to shove instead of blunt, 1h axe stab damage type to blunt
    ! CU1 Beta 1 (r7318)
    ! - Added 3rd/1st person spectator follow
    ! - Duel mode added
    ! - New duel maps: Bridge, Cistern, Courtyard, Dininghall, FrostPeak, Mines, Shipyard, Tower
    ! - New map: Frigid (LTS, CTF, and TD variants)
    ! - New map variants: Ruins CTF, small and large
    ! - New map: Citadel (TO)
    ! - Darkforest: fixed non channeled sluice gate and peasant vo
    ! - VO sources from the player’s pawn, and moves with it
    ! - More things cut off in Low detail mode (inventory attachments, etc.)
    ! - DF NPCs should update more quickly when hit
    ! - Updated Steam libraries
    ! - Falling screams reenabled
    ! - Pavises collide with their owner again
    ! - add bAnyUserCanGetSteamID server option for competition servers; disabled by default (add bAnyUserCanGetSteamID=true under [AOC.AOCGame] in PCServer-UDKGame.ini or UDKGame.ini; use “whois” or “getinfo” console commands)
    ! - add spectator view lock server option (add bDisallowFreelookSpectator=true under [AOC.AOCGame])
    ! - fixed some minor bugs, vulnerabilities
    ! - replace white shadow under HUD overlay text with a black one
    ! - Fixed: Falling screams for players need to stop on death/injury or landing.
    ! - darkforest: attempted to fix the fly swarms that wouldnt sound no cart in
    ! - Team balance from the team selection menu working.
    ! - Fixed: Combo tiered swing grunts should be moved up one swing to start from 2nd swing instead of third.
    ! - Print Damage to Console (when aoc_showdamage enabled)
    ! - polished 1hsharp 1p parried animation
    ! - Added alternate attacks (by default, hold LeftAlt before hitting the attack button)
    ! Balancing / tweaks
    ! - Increase MAA blunt resistance by 10% (from 0.85 to 0.75)
    ! - Increase MAA pierce resistance by 5% (from 0.85 to 0.8)
    ! - Javelin reload time a bit faster
    ! - Warhammer should only 2 shot knight to the head
    ! - Bearded axe needs to be faster
    ! - Poleaxe a slight bit faster
    ! - Make Grand mace a bit faster + slash damage to 90 from 85
    ! - Increase MAA blunt resistance by 10% (from 0.85 to 0.75)
    ! - Increase MAA pierce resistance by 5% (from 0.85 to 0.8)
    ! - Messer swing needs to be swingblunt damage type
    ! - Bigger shields make your windup time with weapon slower
    ! - Zwielhander stab a bit faster
    ! - Zwielhander overhead more damage, change it to 115
    ! - Billhook windup speed faster
    ! - Slow halberd stab windup down
    ! - Reduce halberd slash damage
    ! - Increase billhook slash damage
    ! - Holy Water Sprinkler release longer (exact same values as hatchet)
    ! - Holy Water sprinkler slash should 2 shot MAA in the torso
    ! - Holy Water sprinkler stab should 2 shot archer, 3 shot maa in torso
    ! - Morning star slash damage to 60
    ! - Morning star overhead to 70
    ! - Morning star stab to 55
    ! - Reduce morning star stab windup to 0.4
    ! - Faster throw windup time for short spear could work and/or faster reload
    ! Up next we plan to release a community issues patch focusing on key items brought up by the community as well as further optimizations and bugfixes!
    ! We told you we would make January! :)

  • Good Job. Best game ever played.

  • Took me 10 minutes of trying but I finally get to post! Woo Hoo! :D

  • Well played sir, well played! :D

  • Downloading update right now! Can’t wait to see everyone on the battlefield!

  • Omg this sounds so awesome! Cant wait

  • It’s still January!:D

  • Unlimited ammo for sling and knight speed nerfed? Anyway, great update.

  • Wonderful!

    Great job, TB. Keep the awesome work up!

  • so excite

  • Thank you guys for so much support!

  • Woah, great stuff. I really didn’t expect that much content… Now we only need more customization :)

    and a persistent siege mode

  • First of all, congratulations with releasing this awesome patch. However, I’m also a little bit disappointed because there’s actually still a lot wrong with it. Albeit small hiccups.

    A couple of keybinds keep resetting for some reason. I’m talking about the Perform Alternate Slash keybind mostly. I have not seen it with other keybinds yet. When you delete this keybind and save the settings, it’s actually reset to the standard value. You have to bind it to another key. Also, the alternate keybind shows as “INVALID” afterwards it’s saved empty.

    The server browser makes the game hang for short moments as it’s polling for servers. In that sense it performs worse than before, since before the patch it never did that.

    You cannot filter on Duel game modes in the server browser.

    Also, in duel mode it often happens that the mouse cursor doesn’t appear which makes you unable to use the menu that you get after a duel.

    The quarter staff and the pole hammer still show the stat Reach = 0.

    Audio settings are remembered but not used until the Save button is clicked on. Just a small issue.

    I guess I should have posted these before, but I thought these would be ironed out during the beta and RC phases :o

    For the rest however, I very much rejoice the release of this patch! :D Unlike my overal cynical tone of this message, I really love this game and I can’t stop playing it!

  • Kudos, Torn Banner!
    You did an impressive job in the last two months (well before too, but that’s not the point here ;)). Some AAA studios with 10 times as much developers in a “real office” get less stuff done.
    Upwards and onward, for the King!
    Now excuse me, i have to separate some limbs from their respective owners. 8-)

  • My first message to say thanks to Torn Banner for their good work 8-)

  • Wow, that is a really massive update!! I bet a bunch of people won’t be happy feint stam is reduced from 20 to 15 lol. Seems like an odd change but no matter.

    Looking forward to playing tonight! Thanks Torn Banner!

  • Sweet! Great job guys! Can’t wait to try the new maps and gameplay modes.

  • Developer

    If the “Official” servers are up and down a bit, it’s my fault, I’m trying to get the new configurations to stick.

  • Couple of questions:

    1. Why has the throwing axe speed been nerfed? Hitting MAA was already next to impossible, now its like throwing a balloon.

    2. Has the Poleaxe been slowed down? It feels a lot slower now, and I have not played the beta. Is it all in my head?

  • Thanks guys!!

    Great job. Downloading now. Cant wait to test it.



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