Chivalry causes internet problems! :(

  • When i use the refresh button at the server browser, the browser finds fewer and fewer server. aufter 2-3 refresh’s no more servers are found. thats my problem .:) So and after that, my broweser or any other program wich was not running does not work anymore… only teamspeak an icq which were connected before work. when i restart my computer and my cable modem the problem remains, it took 10-15 then everything is working fine again…

    this problem reproducible…

    my friend has issues too, when he pushes the refresh button he got disconnected from teamspeak :D and lifestreams he watches stop working…

    whats wrong there? =)

  • your router is too old, ihave the problem since day of defeat 1, too many PING request, make your router to lock up, there s an option in settings/download in steam (that i waited for years lol)
    This or not, i dont really know for sure

  • i have no router i only have a cable modem… :/

    E: nice! that fixed my problem!!! thnx :-*

    /can be closed

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