Funniest reasons you've been kicked

  • I’ll start this off with a recent experience.

    I was dueling this guy on one of the official duel servers. We were on the throneroom map with all of the broken furniture on the floor. He was running down the middle of the map, seemingly in the opposite direction, when he turned around and took a swing. I saw this coming a mile away and blocked it with my shield. Being the clever guy I am, I took my shield, walked calmly straight into him, and scared him into thinking I was going to take a swing. I made him walk into one of the piles of furniture, and just stood there in front of him, stopping him from being able to move. I then proceeded to HWS poke him a couple of times inbetween his desparate parry attempts. Once I had finished poking him to death while he was stuck on a chair in the middle of the map, he exclaimed “wow get me stuck der? no exploits here” and kicked me off the server.

    What nonsensical reasons have you all been kicked for?

  • You were mad in the server, and now you’re mad on the forums.

    You were kicked for shouting gratuitous obscenities in chat, consistently insulting people, and being an overall asshat. Your kick had nothing to do with what - 1 kill that you speak of? lmao If not, all the other players wouldn’t have voted you out?

    I’d encourage you to come to the forums with valid topics to discuss instead of petty rage over being kicked for your own immaturity. First, naming & shaming isn’t proper forum etiquette, and second - do a forum search, bud - This topic has hundreds of threads already.

    Thanks champ!

  • I was literally banned for something as stupid as walking a guy into a chair, so I was a little miffed, and thought it would be funny to share it on the forums where everyone else could contribute.

    Now I have you come in here and tell me I was insulting people, shouting profanity, and being an asshat. I think you have either the wrong guy, or are maliciously slandering me. Literally the only thing I did the entire time I was on the duel server was duel, talk about how funny the lift on the shaft map is, and how placing a torch on top of a plant in the throneroom map was a bad idea. I got people to start "lol"ing, and had no hard feelings towards anyone. I have absolutely no clue as to where you pulled out “bad attitude, profanity, and insults”. If you’d care to give me a server log of all my supposed misdeeds, I’d happily confess, but you would have to fabricate it because I didn’t do a thing wrong. Sedge really shouldn’t have admin permission if he’s just going to instantaneously ban people he doesn’t like without warning.

  • I was in the server and watched you do it. You were very disrespectful towards the other players and got kicked after being warned. If you just so happened to have killed the admin right before that kick, so be it, but that doesn’t change anything concerning the attitude you show others in-game.

    You ask for a transcript? Wow. So you’re here spouting accusations without evidence to back up your claims, but ask for proof from me? You’re ridiculous. You’re upset that you got removed, and instead of moving on with your life like a normal individual, you came to qq on the forums. That should be proof enough that you’re quick to hit the enter key and spout off what you dislike - much like you did on that server.

  • I’m not vehemently putting you down, am I? I’m simply stating my case. I killed the guy not knowing he was an admin like a normal player just for him to tell me verbatim “wow get me stuck der? no exploits here” and kick me off the server. That’s an actual quote from him, but because of your playing of the hearsay game, I suppose none of us have any validity now.

    I’m calling your bluff by telling you to give me the logs, since you turned this into a schoolyard blame game. I realize it was probably a bad idea not to take the logs to begin with, but I didn’t think he was malicious enough to enlist someone to lie for him. I really need to rethink my opinion about people in this community.

  • JH, all you do is make posts jabbing at people or straight insulting them. You need to keep your attitude in check, so I’d recommend taking your own advice. I’m going to remove the name of the accused just to keep this from being an one sided argument against people. Feel free to post stories however.

  • Bahahahahahaha!

    I enjoyed that mental image, but it also called up all the times I’ve seen/made someone back up into the river or spike pit xD Fun times, sorry you got booted.

  • Joined a public FFA but apparently it was a friends only server.

    It’s a sad lyf

  • @ChuckingIt:

    JH, all you do is make posts jabbing at people or straight insulting them. You need to keep your attitude in check, so I’d recommend taking your own advice. I’m going to remove the name of the accused just to keep this from being an one sided argument against people. Feel free to post stories however.

    Nice! The mods arrive to break up the fight! 8-)

    One time I did nothing in a game and wasn’t kicked.

  • I got kicked for killing someone who ran up to me. I recorded it because it was funny:

  • Getting kicked for “too much skill nobody can handle” was hilarious. That’s actually kinda flattering.

    Also for being high leveled. But usally just because killing people repeatly w/o getting hit by them seems to infuriate many people. Which is kinda expected.

  • We had a teamkiller in a LTS game who was killing our archers, after 3 rounds I searched him and killed him at the start of the round.
    While the 3 kickvotes against him didn’t work, his kickvote against me passed with 70% yes.
    That’s what you get for helping the archers^^

  • Got kicked for being a “weaboo”, so he said lol. Had an anime character reference in my name at one point. But meh, kinda funny how quick people are to vote yes for a bs kick. Oh well, that was before the patch, hopefully won’t happen as much now that it shows team damage and idle time.

  • Got kicked 4owning with Short spears…Short spears, Javeliner.
    Had zero teamkills, 11secs of idle time even tho i wasnt even idle at all.

    People blindly vote for no reason
    people get mad and spam the voting system.

    I Even posted a thread about this but itz gotz lock :o
    Got Kicked and Locked in 1day!!! 8-)

  • There was a guy speedhacking at like 120% and I guess most people were too inexperienced to realize it. Not enough people would believe me to kick him. I got banned instead.

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