• Vanguard damage and reach is out of hand, I play as a MAA and MAA have no chance against Vanguards I hit the V 2 times he doesn’t die but he hits me once or twice and I die. I can’t get close to him because of his swings and when a V fakeswings you are dead as a MAA.

    Vanguards need their damage reduced and also their reach. Maa have no chance against them.

    Nerf please

  • Please either REMOVE Feinting or do not allow Vanguards to use it, every Vanguard that uses it gets a free win , this is retarded. I already unninstalled Chivalry because DUEL mode is imbalanced because of Vanguards.

    I feel so stupid buying this game now, its not worth it as long as Vanguards dominate the fights.

  • :D:D cry cry :D

  • Duel Mode is broken because Vanguards are very overpowered, they always come on top, Its ruining all the fun from dueling mode . Please Nerf vanguards

  • I guess you are a noob Vanguard, I think you will cry when you will not be able to get your free easy kills

  • MAA is the best against vanguards… you are probably a noob

  • @Spiro:

    MAA is the best against vanguards… you are probably a noob

    and you are probably a vanguard. Maa have no chance against OPVanguard.

  • lol :D i am not playing only vanguard… i can play every class… so i dont think that vanguards are overpowered… you just dont know how to kill them… so you are noob…

    its cool that vanguard can kill you on one hit… but you can easily block it and thats the end of vanguard… after the block, MAA can kill him really fast…

  • As a knight I don’t have any problems with vanguards… The classes are well balanced in my opinion.

  • This is thread #3 on the same subject from you. Vanguards are fine, I routinely take first place as a knight on duel servers.

    Also, MMA can EASILY dodge away from an attack or feint.

  • Shift your focus from parrying to dodging. There’s no excuse for getting feinted as a MMA when you can just dodge or strafe to the side. It’s also useful offensively to close distance quickly and punish enemies after their swings.
    You’re not using your speed at all, so of course you’ll lose against classes that are tougher and more powerful than you.

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