Few questions (customizing, leveling etc.)

  • Hi! I am very excited about this game and I’d really love to support it at Kickstarter but I currently have no money and my pay check is coming September 15th… I might be able to support but I think the campaign ends before that. I shouldn’t have spent my money on War of the Roses!

    But anyways, I have few questions about the game.

    1. How much customizing options will be in the game? And besides the class customizing I mean like customizing your banner, shield emblem or stuff like that? I’d really like to make a cool looking shield emblem!

    2. Is there any kind of “leveling”? I wouldn’t like to unlock stuff (like you have to unlock items and classes in WoTR which totally sucks) but some kind of leveling up system that keeps me playing and with that I could see how experienced other players are.

    3. What kind of clan support there’s going to be? Can we create private servers and use some kind of clan tags and modify the server rules? And is there a VOIP chat?

    4. How much can I “use” the environment? Can I like lower the gates and rise them like in Warband and are there ladders I can use to climb to the roofs or any stuff like that?

    Anyways, I love this game and I’ve been excited about it when I first heard about it like one year before! (I think it was Gamescom last year? Can’t remember, but it was some kind of event anyway).

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