Working replays (demos)

  • I know that I requested that a few times before, but since there was no official statement so far, I will keep spamming it.

    Actually the system is already implemented (commands: demorec, demostop, demoplay) and in the theory it actually already works. At least the free roaming camera is not THAT bugged and you can actually see what’s going on (except for disappearing models), however the follower-camera is completely screwed up, there is no first person and there are obviously a lot of other bugs.
    So please Tornbanner, I doubt that fixing this can be that much work. Please do it, cause it is one of the most important tools in competitive play.


  • Push

  • pleaaaase!
    if we cannot record demos, we cannot penalize bug abusage, unsportsmanlike playstyle etc.
    it is really neccessary that we have a working recording function, since we are not able to supervise all the matches that are played. :?

  • Yes I would like to see the demorec replay system get a proper integration. I’d love to actually spectate some of the games I’ve played in and see those cool moments from other perspectives. ;)

  • Also important for frag- and clanmovies.

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