Sling bugs

  • Had both of these happen to me so far:
    1. Sling will not fire at all.
    2. Sling will not allow you to fire charged shots.

    Seems to have something to do with switching weapons, or being interrupted while winding up a shot.

  • Found another one right as I typed this up:
    3. The spinning sound keeps playing indefinitely if you cancel a shot with Q.

  • Yup, have been getting same crap, also sometimes I would not be able to sprint while swinging.

  • I’ve experienced that one too, Avallac.

    Sling is feeling pretty damn unusable with how common these bugs are.

  • had the bug that causes it not to be able to fire, seems to happen whenever i get ammo out of a box while using the lead balls, not sure if it’s limited to that though. It’s a shame because i really like using the sling too, and the bugs are shutting me down.

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