Movespeed nerf and/or worse performance?

  • I’ve been playing this game since the kick-starter beta, and as of the latest update the game now feels like I’m running through treacle. This is the case even when the FPS readout is capped at 60 on an empty server.

    I can’t see any mention of a move speed reduction in the patch notes though.

    That said, I also find my FPS with 32 players has dropped from a solid 60 on all the old maps down to more like 40-50. The server browser lags like crazy as well, and it used to work fine.

    Am I going mad here? I’m suprised no-one else has posted anything similar yet on any of the boards.

  • Movement speed was not changed.

    Check your settings, it is possible something got reset. If you are used to playing with a higher FOV, it would explain the perceived speed change at the default 95. So check that.

    Edit: Higher FOV will feel faster. … ideo_games

  • Yeah, the fov change made me feel slow as hell until I realized what was wrong… didn’t expect to see a post about it :P

  • Dont think its that. I set my fov back to 105 before I even started playing. (Would go higher but seeing the knights shoulders warping around is distracting)

    Guess its just down to the graphical lag I’m getting now. I find sub 60 fps painful!

    Player models look more detailed, even after deleting my configs and resetting everything to pre patch. The volumetric fog appears to be more detailed as well.

    I’ll try playing with the INIs again. Otherwise I’ll have to give up playing for a while until I can get a better processor. Q6600 is showing its age, despite being an over clocked quad core.

  • @Andrew:

    Movement speed was not changed.


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