Where has my Chivalry gone?

  • The new patch for me has made this game…… handle worse. A bit disappointed as I was excited about this new patch and to stick an axe in the works all my unlocked weapons have been locked again!!! What a waste of time.

    Everything seems slow, clunky, unnatural and hard to control where as before it flowed, perhaps I need to get use to it? I don’t know, I have just spend 3 hours playing and don’t feel like I want to play again.

    On the plus side
    New maps are great and I love the duel mode. I like the new weapons, however you get a 2 hour warning that they are starting to swing and I don’t think I killed any one that was stupid enough to get killed by the flail.

    Any way, I hope the missing weapons was a steam issue or I doubt I will play again.

    Our server is cityliferpg[dot]com - running new map rotation etc…

  • Yes the weapon thing is not permanent, and did you check all your settings like FOV and toggle sprint to see if something is throwing you off?

  • Yeh I checked all of my controls as my team speak ptt is another one of my mouse buttons and that cheeky thumb attack caught me unaware - maybe I should of read the change-log :o

    But I don’t know - just dosen’t feel right. Maybe some more testing on the balancing and speed of the swings are needed.

  • I agree!

    Game feels sluggish now. Do people sprint slower now?

    And my god, the new alternate attacks are really getting on my nerves! If they came out only when you press alt, that would be fine. But every now and then, the alt attack seems to randomly come out. Playing MAA with a broadsword, I try to use an overhead (which hits from the left) on a regular guy or to get around a shield, but the damn new alternate overhead (which hits from the right) comes out and hits the shield or causes me to miss. Unbelievably annoying!

  • @Kevko:

    I agree!

    Game feels sluggish now. Do people sprint slower now?

    I brought this up when testing beta and nobody believed me.

    I don’t think it is a permanent thing, but there are times and I can only guess it is a bug, when it seems to kick in.

  • Check your FOV. No movement speeds were changed. The default FOV(95) will feel a bit slower, as it is more confined. 105 is nice in my opinion.

  • As an update, I have figured out my problem with the random alt overhead. There seems to be a bug with the keybind window.

    As many planned, I tried binding ‘a’ as a 2nd hotkey for alt. attack since it would make horizontal swing from the left. However, when I found out that this was opposite for overheads, this was a terrible idea, so I deleted the keybind and saved it. However, during a game the alt overhead kept coming out while I tried to circle strafe around a shield to the left. Because I thought that I removed the keybind, I didn’t know what was up and thought that the alt attacks may come out at random and was very disappointed.

    However, when other ppl were saying they were not experiencing the same issue and kept telling me to check my keybinds, I tried to reproduce the alt swing and figured out that the ‘a’ key was indeed causing it, even though it was not bound on the keybind window. Luckily, hitting reset in the keybind window fixed the issue!

  • To get the threat back on track, OP expressed the exact thoughts I have right now.

    I have about 230 hours in Chivalry (I understand there are loads of people with more than that, but it’s fair to say I’m experienced, if nothing else) and the gameplay feels more sluggish and staccato now. It’s hard to explain or pinpoint exactly what has been done, but so far this content update has left me with a sour taste.

    Don’t get me wrong, I love the new content (maps, weapons), but something’s been lost between this update and how the game felt before. I’ve played 4 hours of the new patch, and I’m sure there’s people here who’s gonna tell me to play more before I pass judgement, but really, I noticed the change in flow immediately.

    Don’t really know what more to say, I feel kinda sad and disappointed by all this. I want nothing more than for Torn Banner to succeed in every way, and for Chivalry to continue being the awesome game it is (was?), but in it’s current state I don’t feel like playing anymore.

    Something’s just… off.

    I’m gonna go be sad in a corner now, sorry if this comes out as being whiny, I’m just so disappointed.

  • After fixing my keybind issue and changing my FOV back to 110 like it was before, the game feels great to me again. Loving the new duel mode. Like 15-3 with my MAA so far.

  • @Kevko:

    After fixing my keybind issue and changing my FOV back to 110 like it was before, the game feels great to me again.

    As a reference to anyone else having “sluggishness” issues, make sure to check your FOV and keybinds and make your game .ini read-only to avoid the game making future changes to your settings.

  • The new version of the game feels slow and totally different to me. I was a sword and board player who developed timing and technique to regularly fight with the best players of any class. I cant even have a even KD ratio now.

    Shield block to attack was changed drastically, intentional or not. if intentional…its ridiculous. The warriors main weapon was in fact the shield, and the sword the exploiter and fight finisher. Anyone that’s read the transcripts from years ago knows this.

  • @Daiyuki:

    make your game .ini read-only to avoid the game making future changes to your settings.

    Not always a good idea if they add/change another command. I think a lot of people’s problems with keybinds are that it didn’t fully overwrite the .ini as it is, that’s why deleting it fixes it.

    As annoying as starting from fresh is, it can be necessary when there’s been changes and new commands added.

  • Registered just to voice my strong displeasure in the changes in the feel of the game. Besides what others have said, blocking seems to be even less reliable now than before, and at least as a knight it seems like people now recover from a kick/shield bash before I can get any sort of swing off, meaning kicks and shield bashes are now worthless for actually opening up the defense of a competent blocker.

  • I agree with what most here are experiencing. The game feels sluggish and clunky. First I thought it was just due to me having played another game for a while (as I was fed up with archers’ melee prowess and the flinching problems - two things which don’t seem to have been addressed unfortunately), but the feeling remained even after playing longer.

    I also noticed that apparently with some combinations of opponent’s weapons, the attacker recovers more quickly from his blocked/parried attack than the defender recovers from his block/parry, resulting in that defender not being able to do anything else than blocking/parrying (similar to the kicking thing mentioned above). If this is intentional, it changes the balance so much we’re almost talking about a completely new (and certainly not improved) game here.

    And completely unrelated, but I’m typing away now anyway: why can’t we have a simple counter somewhere on the screen indicating time remaining, score or whatever that the gametype is about?

  • Maybe it’s because some of the broken graphics settings now work? Like high was medium or low (I dont remember which) before, now it’s actually high and bringing your FPS down?

    E: not… tested low settings still slow

  • Just registered to say I absolutely LOVE the game, and that I appreciate all the new content is this Content Update 1. Unfortunately taken as a whole, this patch is a complete disaster for me.

    I just played tonight for about two hours and the melee game is completely broken. It’s hard to put a finger on it, but movement feels slower as a whole, combat is choppier, 3-5% of my hits don’t feel like they register properly, throwing axes are extremely laggy even with < 50 ping. It’s made the game incredibly not fun to play.

    Range is fine, although I’ve had a couple of arrows not register a hit when someone was right up against me which has never happened before.

    This patch reminds me of going from Gears of War 1, where the multiplayer felt fast and tight, to Gears or War 2 where it was floaty and sloppy. I’ve put 100 hours into Chivalry at this point and after playing tonight, the game just feels so bad that I feel like quitting.

    Thanks again to everyone who’s worked hard on this game, I plead with you to take a close look at combat flow for the next patch.

    Edit: Is auto-balance broken now? I’ve played three games now where one of the teams was down by 4 or 5 players for more than a few minutes. I’ve never had this happen before today’s patch :(

  • First of all i want to say “Thank you” Torn Banner Studios to bring out an update for free. And not a little update, a massive one. I guess this is a thank you from you to the community for the success of Chivalry Medieval Warfare. And this integrity is what i miss nowadays so much in a lot of games.

    “Where has my Chivalry gone?” - is the exact question i have asked myself. I loved to play it - and i played it for weeks and months almost every day. But now - the fun is less fun. What’s the problem? I’ll try to formulate the 2 main problems - so far i can say it:

    The counter attack with holding a shield is almost impossible now. It takes too long to perform an attack. Also the alternate swings will make it easier to get through a shield, as while your shield is up, you have a limited view to the enemy when playing in person view. I loved to play with shield and to defend. But now, the shield feels so week.

    The Archers have been already very strong. Now they got stronger. The enemies with shields are now weeker. I have just played a map with 80% archers. If i want to go for a shooter game, there are already many others - the unique fun is to fight closely with each other.

    I will now play without shield. I hope that i find games with not more then 40% archers. I will see if the fun will come back.

  • OK today i had a play with all the settings and got it back to how I like it.


    Now I have no slow animations and things run smooth again - thanks for all the advice people.

    However I am still experiencing issues with weapons not being available that I had already unlocked? Any one else have this issue?

  • Yup, generally any “slow movement” or “sluggishness” is due to the FoV being reset to default. Please put that back to how you like it, and you may perceive the game running as it was before.

    As to weapon unlocks, try and restart Steam, and/or join a couple of the Official servers, they should come back then I think. :)

    I think the only comfirmed “gone missing” thing is the helmets, in which they’re aware of and will patch.

  • As many people has mentioned already and i feel exactly the same, i loved this game until the patch came out and it has changed my fun factor in this game totally. Is there a way to play this game on the old patch?

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