Cannot AdminLogin on dedicated server

  • Hey there!

    My buddy downloaded the Dedicated Server and started a server with a batch file with following contents:

    “start UDK.exe AOCTO-Citadel_p?lan?bRankedServer=true -log=CTFServer\server.log -configsubdir=CTFServer -maxplayers=24 -seekfreeloadingserver”

    Also, he added into the “PCSever-UDKGame.ini” under “…\common\chivalry_ded_server\UDKGame\Config”


    under “[Engine.AccessControl]”

    Joining the server as client works perfectly, but

    “adminlogin XXX”

    does not do anything – what are we doing wrong?

    Cheers, Manni

  • We are having the same issue. Cannot login to admin with the current password. If there is a new set of admin commands or config location please let us know

  • Logging in as admin no longer shows a message to everyone. You should still be able to execute admin commands just fine. Should probably give a confirmation message in console…

  • It does show a message that an admin has logged in via the chat now, but it doesn’t show all the time.

  • Whatever shows or doesn’t:

    No admin command takes any effect. :|

  • seems you are no longer seeing you are logged in but when u type anything admin related in the console you can see a whole list of commands meaning you are logged in.
    I wish there would be better functions to admins though.

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