How successfull has this game been?

  • Ive been telling everyone I know about this, and convincing them in heavy detail to get it, most of these guys are people who buy like a 20 dollar game once a year, ive managed to sell at least 4 of them…

    ALL in all this game is amaizing, the first real pc multiplayer fps ( or mabey fp… um… wacker?) to come out in a very long time that actualy utilized the platform.

    Just woundering how well in sales its doing, and if its doing well enough to contenue to grow.

  • Its number 14 on steam right now and has been in the top 20 or 30 since christmas so yeah done very well.

  • Check at the steam stats.

    It ranks 14 in players playing on steam stats which is pretty impressive and even more so considering this is an indie game with no commercials flying all over the place to advertise. It’s growth has been based on solid gameplay, and word of mouth. The crowd seems to either be growing or staying steady at certain numbers of player, but never really decreasing or dying like WoTR.

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