Did they change the dof brightness??

  • I got on today to an awsome update, but when i got ingame everything seemed overbright, could be just me but the usual crisp colors that the dof this game had were blasted brighter.

    Its hard to see with the fuzz of dof, but i went with it cause it looked great, but when its overbright, like a console game, its not only harder to see over all (even if it is brighter) but its less visualy striking.

    Dont want to turn it off, but i might have to, just woundering if it was in the update or not.

    Bright and fuzzy is harder to see than dark and fuzzy.

    Ive been bouncing around my gamma settings but the perfect default brightness from before just dosent seem to match, it like is either too muted or to blasted.

    You know the feeling when you look into a dark room, or whatsupposed to be a dark room, and its obscured, but its obscured in a bright grey? thats the feeling. looks terrible.

  • OK now i can confirm they changed something and it looks terrible, at first i thought it was just me but this is way different.

    I know how to change my gamma, but how can i make it back to the way it was before, which was allmost perfect.

  • Perhaps the patch has turned off your ambient occlusion option?

  • its on, in settings anyways

    wish i had taken a screenshot before the patch so i could make the comparison

  • did they?

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