Duel mode - Why not making it like a tournament?

  • Alright. I played some Duel and it’s awesome if you don’t get a guy who just run away from you for the length of the entire round. However, I’m a little bit disappointed, probably not in the same way as others. I don’t know if it was server rule or if it was intentional or not, but Duel at this moment is just a game 1 vs 1 where the person who gets the most win after a set period of time basically win the entire game. That’s not quite what I was expecting (I played games where I had 6 victory 0 lost and a winner was declared and he had 10-1 and I never fought half the guys in the server).

    That would be great in the future if we could actually be paired/challenge with people like a real Duel, a real tournament. At the end you fought everyone who didn’t join/left in the middle of the game or at the end of it and you got yourself a Champion who won against everyone else. Like a tournament, a game to get our champion.

  • There is no need for another game mode based on another. Duel should be EXACTLY like a Tournament, it is implicit said with the name.

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