Art Thou Irate? (!!!YES!!!)

  • You stole my shiny helmets away from me!!
    All the hours……All the F**king glitches and crappy servers and looonng hours getting them!


    AND YOU RESET my controls!!!

    it took me a god damn hour to reset them the first time to my preferred setup!!!

    Not only do I have to manually go through every single one and unbind it. Why you ask? Because you did a piss poor job in the control setup department…But also I can’t just go thru and rebind my own keys really fast (LIKE I DO FOR EVERY OTHER FIRST PERSON GAME EVER MADE EVER)

    Nooo of course not that would be too simple…Noooo. Some random crap pops up on every single bind with some crap like this “%$&%” weird symbols…So I after I save my controls,go to game,try to walk forward…but NOPE New binds don’t work…I go back to controls and sure enough WEIRD ASS SYMBOLS AND CRAP REPLACING MY BINDS!!!

    CURSE YOU ALL!!!..time to go waste an hour with trial and error until the controls work correctly for my binds… :(

    edit:HAHAHAA!!! Its all clunky now!!! every game I join people are complaining how clunky it is now aahahahahahaha I havnt laughed this hard from a game going form epic to failing since Red Orchestra 2 came out

    Good Job You Guys! 8-)

  • The only issue I have with their default control set-up is having ‘i’ as the use key. WTF? use ‘e’

  • Heh breathe, slowly…

    Right, this is going to piss you off more but, go into:

    C:\Users[You]\Documents\My Games\Chivalry Medieval Warfare\UDKGame

    And delete the Config folder.

    That will force the game to create you a fresh set of custom configs. Obviously you’re going to have to set EVERYTHING back to what it was, but I think the problem with your binds not saving and the symbols and so on was due to you having an older version of the config file. They added things like Alt swings and so on, which is why they had to force a config update too.

    Should work for you then. :)

    As to the helmets, I think that’s known and they’ll likely hotfix it. Not sure though tbh.

    I thought E WAS the default use key. Then again I change everything anyways so. :S

  • @BobT36:

    I thought E WAS the default use key. Then again I change everything anyways so. :S

    E IS the default use key. But for some unknown reason, when I first started the game, it was set to ‘I’, even though it was telling me to hit E.

    Wasn’t too troublesome, just was strange when I noticed it when I first started this game.

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