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  • So, im quite new here, just spend 50$ on the kickstarter a few days ago, but i really want this game to succeed.

    So Steam has launched its new platform named Greenlight.

    Heres a quick explanation from steam.

    “Rate up the games you’d like to see on Steam!
    Browse around, learn about each one, and rate up the ones you’d like to see released on Steam. Items with enough community support will get released on Steam. Please check out the About section for more information.”

    Now from what i know Torn Banner seems to already have made some kind of deal with steam?! Or maybe they are planning to do it, but this new plattform could actually be used to reach a broader spectrum of potential customers.
    Greenlight is pretty new, so alot of ppl are gonna check out what it is all about in the next few weeks.
    Imho the game would profit alot if it was in there!
    I dont know if it can even be entered in Greenlight since its a kickstarter, but the overall conditions to register a game arent saying anyting against it. … ection=faq

    What you need:

    What do I need in order to submit my game?

    You’ll need a valid and non-limited Steam account (yes, that means you’ll need to own a game on Steam). Then, you’ll need to fill out the submission form, including some information about you and your game. The submission will require:

    A square branding image (similar to a box cover) to represent your game in lists and search
    At least 1 video showing off your game or presenting your concept
    At least 4 screenshots or images
    A written description of the game along with tentative system requirements

    So go to

    (you need to be logged into steam to make the link work)

    and register this game on Greenlight, so we can vote it up and get it some more mainstream attention!

  • Developer

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    I don’t believe that games that already have steam can go on Greenlight just for promotional purposes, is a good idea though and appreciate the support!

  • I prefer conventionla ways, steam geenlight is full of trolls and it’s hard to actually find decent games

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