Horrible Frames and Crashes after patch

  • I went from a good 40 fps to 22 fps, random freezes and crashes after the new patch, the crash happens after a duel server changes maps. I am running the game on the lowest setting possible, i was running it fine before, with only 75 field of view.

    i got 3 ghz duel core, Radeon 6950, 4 gb of ram, newest graphics drivers, and I as i said i was able to run this fine before, something is taking up all the power now, even on low player servers.

  • After the patch I also am getting crashes, though I can’t even get into the game! Mine crashes on startup every time.

  • I’m running an AMD x4 3.5ghz with Nvidia 570. I’ve always run the game with all the fancy graphics settings off as I would get drops below 30fps constantly despite this game using an ancient engine. Since the new patch I get massive frame drops and constant weird skipping that feels sorta like lag that isn’t lag. Running fraps I’m getting massive frame drops where I didn’t before.

    I also can’t his ‘esc’ to get out of the choose team or choose class menu.

    This patch feels rushed and is currently unplayable for me due to the skips resulting in frustration instead of fun.

  • That is perhaps a more accurate description of what happens to me aswell.

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