Duel mode is fun but being forced to have a shield?

  • I enjoy the few games of duel mode I’ve managed to get into but I’m not a person that enjoys shields and being forced to have one is not very fun in my opinion. I understand they don’t want people throwing axes or anything and that’s okay but I don’t want to be forced to have a shield because of it. To me it really throws me off and I hate how they obstruct my view. That’s just my opinion though.

    Also, off topic a bit but I’ve been experiencing lag since this patch and gameplay sorta feels different to me. Maybe it’s just me though.

  • If you have a 1 hand weapon & shield …. can’t you just hit the #1 key again to put away the shield? I think the tutorial said the #3 key did it as well.

    I don’t play with a shield, so I’m not certain. Works in every other game mode…

  • Yes! I completely forgot about that, thank you.

  • Does having a shield on your back, even if it’s not equipped, slow you down in any way?

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