Steam- All weapons locked again, helmets gone, rank at 0.

  • After logging in following the patch, I went joined a server I normally play, and went to look at the new weapons. Picked mason side, looked at archer class settings (but didn’t pick weapons and hit play yet). All my stuff was unlocked as it normally is, and the new weapons were there. Then I looked at MAA class, everything unlocked, new weapon showing. Same thing for the vanguard.

    However, I looked at Knight, it showed only the basic weapons unlocked, with 999 kills required to unlock the next, and the unlock bar apparently half-complete for the next weapon in that category (the flails showed up as unlocked). I was mildly confused, so I switched back to vanguard… And saw that now /all/ my weapons were showing as locked back to only having the starters available, with 25 kills required to unlock the next in the line. Same happened when I checked archer and MAA.

    I spawned, and noticed that my battle rank was gone (it was 20 or 21 or something), and after checking the menu, noticed the helmets are gone, too. I don’t really mind having the helmets or rank gone, but it was a pita to unlock those weapons out. Is there any way that I can get them back? I’ve still got the Steam achi’s showing that I unlocked them.

  • Update. Restarted the game, and the weapons appear to be unlocked again, except for knight, which is showing 999 kills required to unlock next weapon on each line again. I assume that if I open knight and go back to another class, it’ll happen again.

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