Is game speed increased?

  • Did the devs increase the standard game speed in chiv? everything seems faster. slow moving objects like plants are literally dancing around.

  • it seems like 2handers swing hella faster.

  • A few people were commenting that the game is running faster. I didn’t notice any difference however. Maybe they added some optimizations so people are getting a higher FPS.

  • OP seems to have a problem with low frames per second.

    The update (it’s not a patch, as patches are supposed to fix and not destroy a game) screwed up your config, so you have to redo tweaks like unlocking the frame rate (62 FPS, really? what monitor has 62 hz these days?)

  • No, i don’t have a problem with low fps.

    I do have 500 hours logged in chiv.

    It seems faster to me after the update AND plant animations, ANY animation that kind of goes slowly is tweaking out. It reminds me of pre patch being in servers with the speed turned to like 1.2-3

    But if no one else noticed anything i’m probs just tweakin out

  • How do I unlock the framerate?

  • If you have a 120hz monitor on 120hz refresh rate (don’t bother with this if not), go into:

    C:\Users\Bob\Documents\My Games\Chivalry Medieval Warfare\UDKGame\Config\UDKEngine.ini

    Change MaxSmoothedFrameRate from 62 to 120.

    As to thinks “Speeding up”, most have commented that it feels slower to them.

    Check your FOV setting, as that was reset back to 95 during the patch. If you had it as something different, you would have perceived things a bit differently.

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