Multiple bow/arrow option

  • I think it would be cool if we could choose between different bows for different bowman playstyles. Long bow would be your long range, medium-long pull time with good damage and low damage-over-range dropoff effect.

    Short bow would allow you to move a bit quicker while drawn, have a shorter pull time, and more damage dropoff effect at longer ranges.

    Then we can have a composite/recurve bow for the medium range effects between the short and long bows.

    Then as far as arrows we can have a standard steel arrow head with moderate armor penetration, moderate flesh damage.

    A bodkin arrow for more armor penetration and maybe penetration of lighter shields.
    Then a broadhead or frog-crotch arrow with low armor penetration but more flesh damage and a possible light bleed effect.

    A barbed arrow would be cool for more limb-specific damage or effects, like shooting someone in the leg/foot would cause them to hobble for a few seconds, or swing slower if hit in the arm.

    It would be a real shame if I typed this up and someone already had thought of it but I was too lazy to look.

    Also instead of having a "you picked bodkin!’ and getting like 30 arrows you can customize what arrows and how many you hold, such as picking 10 bodkin, 5 broadhead and 15 standard arrows.

    I think these options would help archers do more of what they would like and have different playstyles and be more applicable in different situations.

  • Afaik, there are 3 different kinds of bows, with different arrow types. The system implemented is much simpler tho.

  • @SlyGoat: :D

    Well I’ll be damned, now I don’t feel so… original.

    That there is exactly what I was suggesting… just made simpler.

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