Problem Blood decals & new maps

  • Well I have a problem after installing the update is not listed and blood decals on the floor, no matter where you put all the graphics options to maximum or minimum does not appear. I tried to verify local files from Steam, I restarted the PC and now I’m reinstalling the game but I have no hope that it works.
    Another thing is that I can not choose any of the 3 new maps when creating a game, is that normal?
    My drivers are the latest Nvidia 310.90.

    Someone with the same problem? Any help please?

  • Yes i had same issue, you have to go to this location : Documents\My Games\Chivalry Medieval Warfare\UDKGame\Config and open the UDKSystemSettings.ini then change dynamic decal from false to true. That will work!

  • Thx mate, works perfect.

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